Olle Vastbinder

“I want to make difficult topics understandable for a large audience.”

Olle Vastbinder
Olle Vastbinder
Job description
Content Writer
Working at since

After getting his Journalism degree at the turning of the century, Olle has been writing for over 20 years. Most of that time was spent creating content for a wide variety of websites, from an online bike parts shop to a SaaS data and email security company. Along the way, he specialized in making (technical) difficult information easy to understand for a wide audience. He is also an expert in making sure all content follows the best practices for SEO, not only in writing, but also when it comes to technical improvements. Besides his regular jobs, he is a dog trainer and loves to write and experiment with texts and SEO on a few private web projects. At, his challenge exactly fits his skills; creating content that is fun to read and works well in search engines. Besides that, he also helps to create offline content whenever that is needed.

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