Which map technology is most used on the internet?

Mathijs Baas
  • over 1 year ago
  • 1 min read

Websites often use embedded maps for various purposes. For instance, they show where a store is located or provide you with the specific route.

Although currently there aren’t a lot of web map providers, there’s a significant number of websites using embedded map technologies. 

Share of the top five map technologies according to our data.

So, which is the most popular map technology used on the web according to our data? We can see that most websites are using Google Maps as an embedded map technology, followed by Baidu Maps. With a comparatively lower share, Yandex ranks third, closely followed by Leaflet. OpenStreetMap, a project that aims to collect freely available and editable geographic data, so that maps and other services can be created from it, ranks last.

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