A more transparent web

There are many things you don’t see when you visit a website. Our Extension was created to change that. We aim to make the Internet more transparent by showing you the size of a website compared to others on the web, how active it is and whether it can be trusted.

Safer online shopping

Many people buy products online. Criminals know this, and try to trick people into buying from fake online stores. They can earn money if you buy their fake products, or even use your payment- and login credentials to commit further fraud. Our Extension detects these fake online stores and shows you a warning when you are on them. In addition, it lets you see how trustworthy a website is by showing a Trust Score for each website.

Economic Footprint

You can find visitor numbers for most websites, but what if you want to know more about its size? Our Economic Footprint can be used as a proxy to estimate the number of visitors, turnover and the size of a business. It provides you with unique information on the economic impact of a web page.


Our in-house developed Heartbeat gives you an insight into the (commercial) development of a website. Use it to determine whether it is being updated or maintained. A stable or increasing Heartbeat means the website is doing well, but a decreasing Heartbeat shows that a website is being abandoned.

Why this extension?

If we want to make the Internet more transparent, we need to collect more data. Our Extension helps us do just that. Each time you visit a website that isn’t in our database yet, we can add it to our indexation. This helps us better develop our Scores and expand what we know about the Internet. In turn, we give this data back to you via this Extension. Please note that we only track publicly available information and that all data is stored anonymously.

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