We download the internet in 50 countries

Dataprovider.com is a professional and extensive search engine. Our crawlers go from link to link to find all the domains in a country.

We check each page on more than 200 variables

Of all the millions of webpages we index, we have identified and summarized valuable data attributes. We collect information such as business details, technical aspects and hosting information for each domain. The result is a clean and searchable database in which you can find any information you need.

We update our database every month

There’s no point in using outdated information. We know this. That’s why we aim to refresh our database every month and constantly offer you up-to-date information. An additional benefit to this is that you can see the changes made to any website per month.

Create your own datasets

You can use our database for all kinds of data requests. Decide which variables you need, build your own dataset and export it to Excel for further use.

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Enrich your search results with detailed company information.

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