• Discover counterfeit websites

    Keep your customers and reputation safe by identifying and taking down counterfeit websites

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  • Actively monitor domains

    Receive alerts to stay informed on changes to a selected set of domains

  • Establish associated sites

    Discover sites by the same owner and take multiple offenders down at once

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  • Identify unauthorized use

    Stop illegal resellers from damaging your brand by detecting websites selling your brand

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Brand Protection helps you identify unauthorized use quickly and effectively

  • Screenshot Build your dataset
  • Screenshot monitor domains content
  • Screenshot set monthly alert
  • Screenshot set monthly alert
variables to search and filter on
million domains around the world
countries included in our database


  • Structured Search

    Dataprovider gives you access to a fast structured search index with more than 230 million (uncensored) websites.

  • Domain Name Notification

    Set an alert and receive daily emails when domain names including your brand names get registered.

  • WhoIS Details

    Get access to all the WhoIs data of a domain including the historical records going back up to two years.

  • Over 170 Variables

    For every website Dataprovider has over 170 variables going from business, marketing up to hosting information.

  • Active Monitoring

    Set an alert and receive emails when new counterfeit websites selling your brand are detected or are taken down.

  • Contact Details

    Next to WhoIs Dataprovider also has the contact details indexed from each website offering a WhoIs alternative.

  • Historical Data

    Access to more than 5 years of data making it the biggest, most complete structured search engine in the world.

  • Manage Cases

    Add infringing domains to your cases to track their status and changes. Build your dossier to support legal action.

  • Ownership

    Identify all the websites of the same owner. Discover their contact details and take down the whole network.

  • CSV Export

    Create easy to use data-sets in CSV format making it easy to integrate our data in other platforms

  • API Access

    Want to integrate our data? No problem! We offer access to our RestFULL API. Check the documentation here

  • Counterfeit Database

    Get access to a pre-defined selection of possible counterfeit websites per brand name.


Dataprovider.com API vs our Competitors

Our competitors use the Bing or Google API to find bad actors (domains and websites). These are consumer focused Search Engines that actively try to surpress the very results you are looking for. In most cases we have at least 10 times more results.

If you would like to know more about using our Dataprovider.com API.


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Get started for

1000 / month

1 year contract
Two brands included, each additional brand costs €500.

Brand Protection includes:

  • Brand monitor
  • Domain monitor
  • Ownership
  • Training & Support

Customers using Brand Protection

Our Brand Protection tool assists you in discovering dangerous domains, the bad actor behind them, associated websites and lets you immediately start building your case.

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