• Target

    Uncover the lion’s share of infringing websites

    We do our own crawling, thus finding the bulk of counterfeit websites. We show you the bad actors that standard search engines like Bing and Google strive to obscure. More about Brand Monitor

  • Network

    Identify counterfeit networks

    Discover sites that belong to the same owner and build stronger infringement cases, without having to rely on WHOIS Data. Go after the big fishes first. More about Ownership

  • Monitoring

    Gain the insights and intelligence you require

    Understand the performance of your own domains. Private Crawl gives you the insights without the trivia. And because the order is given by you, the results are yours alone. More about Private Crawl

  • Briefcase

    Keep a close eye on your own domain portfolio

    If you have hundreds of domains, our technology ensures that everything is set up correctly. Alerts notify you of changes to one of your websites.

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