• Detailed statistics

    Use universal website data to track stocks.

    Construct detailed and accurate company profiles, uncover how many businesses across the globe use a particular technology or service, and view all data over time in the trends view. Our tools for the financial market let you determine the best investment strategy. More about Stocks

  • Know your customer

    The need to know your customer.

    Detailed knowledge of your clients and prospects helps detect criminal elements and manage risks prudently. Our finance package contains the necessary tools to accurately audit domains and websites belonging to companies, in order to detect changes or instances of negligence quickly. More about Know Your Customer

  • Audit, analyze, and determine your strategy.

    Create your own panel of stocks and products, use up to three years of live history and 8 years of archived history to monitor performance, and access detailed statistics and proprietary scores to make your analysis a breeze.

  • AI

    Gain the insights and intelligence you require.

    Set up monitoring rules to be alerted when businesses move their offices or experience sudden drops in traffic, for example. Having the latest updated data available helps identify and prepare responses to risk factors.

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