When you can measure, you can grow

Selling your hosting services is the first step. But when a customer signs on with your company, the opportunity does not end there. What can you do to help them grow?

Understand your customers

Your customers leverage your services in a number of ways. Some may never go further than using a placeholder, while others turn their domain into a thriving eCommerce store. To make sure that you stay up-to-date on what your domains are used for, we collect over 200 variables per domain. We can tell you whether a website is actively being used, the way a website is built by technology used, if there’s an online store present, what shopping cart is used and much more. Use this information to better understand your customers, offer them the right services and tailor your offerings to their exact needs.

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Upsell your products

Hosting may be your main business, but what about other services you offer? If you don’t have information on usage from your customers, how can you know what value-added services they may need? That’s why we provide you with valuable insights into the state of your domains. The data we present will help you engage your customers and grow your top line revenue, with the ability to target where your opportunities lie. Offer your customers products and services such as SSL certificates, domain locks, eCommerce options or e-mail services.

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Find new opportunities

When you are looking for new opportunities, certain identifiers from a website may be of greater importance. Are you just targeting ‘big’ websites (our Economic Footprint)? Or would you prefer to focus on those who offer video, for example? Select the variables you need to create a new campaign and discover new opportunities. Find out where potential clients are hosted now, what kind of hosting services they use, if they are cloud savvy or whether they stay active (our Heartbeat score).

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Gain powerful competitive intelligence

Use our filters to scope out the competition. Select ‘hosting company’ and see the clients that others in the industry have and apply strategic thinking as you explore more or new opportunities.

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