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Cybercrime continues to grow, and the counterfeit industry now accounts for at least $460 billion on the web. With online brand infringers constantly finding new ways to exploit your brand equity, the efforts to enforce your trademark rights online have become increasingly challenging.

As we know all too well, however, any activity performed online can be tracked and traced. In this regard, infringing activity can be detected. has used its core technology of indexing and structuring the web to build a specific tool for IP professionals and law enforcement. This data intelligence can help identify online brand abuse and bad actors for these activities, even in places where the abuse is not easily visible at first glance.

Our Brand Monitor solution includes powerful tools for any Intellectual Property professional who is looking for infringing activity on the web, and wants to do so in an organized and structured manner. We aim to empower you with easy access to this public data.

Ownership has developed a one-of-a-kind solution that lets us identify Ownership of domains and websites through the various data points that we index and structure. It is derived from analyzing over 218 million websites indexing more than 150 data attributes for each individual website. These attributes help us indicate which websites belong to the same owner, even without WHOIS records. It enables the discovery of bad actors online and lets you strategize your brand enforcement efforts accordingly. A powerful benefit that comes from combining multiple data points per website is the ability to determine a website owner. That is what makes our Ownership tool a compelling differentiator.

URL Look Up

Focus on a single URL, use Look Up to provide deeper insights into a particular website, and track changes to that website through our monthly re-indexation. We capture all website changes and display this information in a clear format. You can use URL Look Up to analyze the data points we have indexed from any website, and track the historical data of these data points to support your case. This information can be useful when having to prove requirements of respective dispute policies such as “use” in bad faith. All data comes from publicly available sources, which makes it compelling since it can be verified by the defendant or a DRP Panelist / Court.

Brand Monitor

If you are interested in websites that use your brand- or trademark in the content of a website or a domain name, our Brand Monitor tool can help. With Brand Monitor, you can search websites based on keywords and use over 150 available filters to further narrow your search. You can select a specific country, only focus on online stores, look for websites with a low Trust Score or choose from the many other options. This feature can be particularly useful in detecting counterfeit activity. The filter is pre-defined with Trust Score, to make it easier to search.


The numerous domains and websites that infringe on your brand can lead to information overload, and thus a necessity to organize your enforcement efforts. That is why we have created Cases: allocate infringing websites to a case file and save the information as you come across it. This helps build a case over time. It also lets you manage the information efficiently, and allows you to track any progress that is made. Cases is also useful when working in a team, as it can help everyone get on the same page and adds overall efficiency to your enforcement efforts.

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