This is the Domain Monitor:

Insights about the Internet economy.

Use particular keywords to be alerted when domains that contain them are registered or dropped. Gain insights into such things as the counterfeit e-commerce market, the Internet economy, and online businesses.

Keyword alerts

Safeguard your brand.

Look for domain registrations that match your trademarks. Discover when and where they pop up and gather the information you require to construct a solid case to enforce your rights and take ownership of your domain names.

Safeguard your brand

Historical data.

By keeping up to three years of live history the Domain Monitor shows you not just what is happening now, but also how things have developed over time. The special trends and statistics view make this analysis even easier.

Historical data

Always alert.

Ensure you’re always in the know. Set up a monitor rule and receive regular automatic alerts when the result of your query changes. You can choose how often and in which way you receive these alerts.

Set alert

Domain Monitor in action:

  • Set up
  • Discover
  • Alert on changes
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Domain Monitor features

  • Active monitoring

    Set alerts

    Automatic alerts notify you of changes as often as you like. Set custom alerts to be alerted about particular changes at different intervals.

  • Difference

    Different views on the data

    Order your dataset in the comprehensive ‘statistics’ view, find geographic patterns through the ‘heatmap’, and use ‘trends’ to see how the data has developed over time.

  • Find

    Find the data that matters

    Choose the filters you want to use, highlight important variables, sort the columns, and refine the results using keywords; find the information you need, without any unnecessary clutter.

  • Stats

    Detailed statistics

    Companies are linked to an exhaustive index of data attributes that is kept up to date at all times, giving detailed information about their products and how much they are used.

  • Contacts

    Contact details

    As the largest index of websites’ contact information, offers the only alternative to WHOIS data.

  • History

    Historical data

    Access to more than 3 years of data makes the largest structured search engine in the world.

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