Help your end-user find the perfect domain name

Many website owners start with a subdomain at a popular content management system. Their website is a part of WordPress, BlogSpot or a similar business. But when they want to take their website to a personal domain, they may find it difficult to choose a fitting name for it. That end-user then struggles to decide on a domain that suits their website’s content, and is still available, and may not register one at all.

Or what if your customer has registered a website and is no longer satisfied with it? They started their page a long time ago, and their interests have changed. They need a new domain name that represents their website content, but they don’t know where to start.

That is where’s Domain Suggestions can help. Our intelligent domain name generator crawls your customers’ websites to suggest the perfect domain.

  • Accurate results – our algorithm uses machine learning to provide relevant domain names based on the website’s content
  • Easy to use – see available domain names and possible alternatives right away
  • Free of charge – our Domain Suggestions is a free tool that can be accessed via our API

Keyword-based suggestions

In addition to finding a domain name for an existing website, our Domain Suggestions suggests names based on the keywords you want. Set the Suggestions to a country or top-level domain and help your end-user find the perfect website address. It allows you to support your (potential) customer, and lets you grow your customer base

Alternative domain names

Maybe your customer has a domain name in mind, but discovers that it is already taken. If the domain name your end-user wants is not for sale, they may leave the registration process altogether. Our Domain Suggestions prevents this, and helps them find another domain. It uses keyword recognition and machine learning to suggest alternative domain names or a different top-level domain. This way you can always provide your customer with the right fit.

Why Domain Suggestions? has been indexing and structuring the web since 2008 – and has created one of the largest domain- and website databases available. Our Domain Suggestions combines this experience with powerful machine learning to suggest a suitable domain. You can see which domain names are available for registration, find another domain option for a specific TLD or let our clever algorithm help you find the best domain name based on website content. Our Domain Suggestions gives you as many domain suggestions as you need to sell to a new buyer.

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