Intent gives you:

Valuable insights.

Intent uncovers the actual companies, without having to resort to cookies; even when a company browses the web with an IP address owned by a telecom operator. Using Intent improves B2B marketing and support, and gives unique insights into clients and prospects.

Valuable insights

In real time.

The directory contains public data from over 200 million domains. From there we trace what IP address belongs to what company. Clicking on a visiting company's name opens a detailed real-time view of the visitor, showing company details, pages visited, and IP information.

In real time

With a seamless API connection.

Count on our API to merge with your technology stack. Import the data you want and work with it on your own systems, create rules to add identified visitors to your CRM program automatically, and integrate IP2Company into Google Analytics – make analyzing information about visitors a breeze.

Seamless API connection

See in action

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  • Google Analytics integration
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Want to integrate our data into your technology stack?

We offer access to our RESTful API. Contact us for more information.

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And many more features

  • Company details

    Company details and page visits

    Find out where visiting companies are located and how you can contact them, as well as general business information and detailed statistics about what pages they visited.

  • Connect with Google Analytics

    Seamless integration with Google Analytics takes your analysis of targeted online B2B campaigns to the next level.

  • Pointer


    The dashboards are designed to make all data readily available. Automatically generated graphs ensure exploring the data points that make up the business profile is easy.

  • Stats

    IP trends

    Analyze trends and gain actionable intelligence about company IPs.

  • Export

    Export data from multiple formats

    Export your dataset in CSV and PDF to share it with your colleagues or continue working on it in different ways.

  • API

    API access

    Want to integrate our data? We offer access to our RESTful API. Find the API documentation over here.

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