Generate B2B leads using our data

Search engines can provide you with a lot of information regarding potential clients. But when it comes to scaling this data, they’re not very efficient. Finding multiple leads may require you to go through hundreds of search results, taking up valuable time. Our leads tool can help you find those leads that fit your profile in a more effective way.

We index more than 125 variables for over 280 million domains all around the globe. We present this in a clean and searchable database, where you can choose keywords and apply filters to get you all the information you need.

  • Detailed search results

    Finding all businesses in a certain industry is great, but what if you’re looking for more detailed results? Our search function can help you out. Use keywords to find those websites relevant to you, and be as precise as you need to be. Choose ‘mechanic’ or go for ‘solar panel mechanic’ and select any additional variables you want. Search for any plumber in London that has an eCommerce website, find all antique stores in California with a mobile website or select small pet stores in Germany with an SSL certificate.

  • Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)

    When a business registers, they often classify the industry they work in with a SIC (or similar) code. If a company changes course, however, this SIC registration often isn’t changed. This makes it outdated, and of no use to you. That’s why we take a different approach. Rather than using the registered SIC code, we let our algorithm determine one on its own. It looks at the content of a business’ website, and uses that to decide what industry a business is in.

  • Heartbeat

    We re-visit each website in our database every month and track what has changed. Based on these visits, we’ve created our Heartbeat score. With Heartbeat, we provide a unique insight into the health of a website. Once a website’s Heartbeat is low, it is not being updated on a regular basis and may no longer be used. A high Heartbeat, on the other hand, shows that a website is regularly being maintained and may be an indication of a growing company.

  • Economic footprint

    Based on all information we collect, we’ve created a score that we call Economic Footprint. This footprint is a proprietary rank, and gives you an indication of the economic impact of each website in our database. It takes into account the website itself (how well is it built, does it have an SSL certificate and more) and looks for outgoing and incoming links to and from other websites.

  • API

    It is also possible to generate datasets on a continuous basis using our API. We have made this API accessible, if you give us a match key we will get back to you with all the information we have. Would you like to know more about using our API? Please contact us.

  • A company updates their website first

    We find that the website of a business is almost always up-to-date. That makes it the best source for any company information you need. To ensure you always have the latest information available, our spider re-indexes each website every month.

  • Technical aspects

    When it comes to technical aspects, we’ve got you covered. We can show you information on shopping cart systems, payment systems, CMS and much more. Select those variables that are of interest to you, find relevant sources and use the data as you see fit. Say you are a payment service provider looking for potential clients. You can endlessly scour the web to find websites using another provider, locate their contact details and offer them your products. Or, you can use our database. We track all payment service providers used, know which websites use them and can even show you related contact details. What if you offer a service to only eCommerce websites in certain countries? Select those countries and the eCommerce option in our database and find all websites relevant to your query.

  • Export

    Our database allows you to select any filter you find relevant. Create datasets, analyze your data and export anything you need to a CSV file.

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