Get tailored insights from the websites of your clients

We index more than 280 domains each month, and can tell you all about those. But what if you want extensive information on domains you know, but that are not in our database? That’s when we can do a Private Crawl for you.

Our Private Crawl gives you the opportunity to gain better insights into your clients. All you need to do is give us a list of the domains you need us to crawl, and tell us the times at which you would like us to do so. We then take the data that you have given us, and offer you any additional information we can find.

Use this crawl to see which domains have no content, find out whether your clients have a mobile-optimized website, discover which additional services you can offer them and much more. Private Crawl helps you explore growth opportunities, better understand your clients and determine how to improve the effectiveness of your products. Need to reach out to the company behind the domain? We can also provide you with business information.

Just like our Public Data, our Private Crawl comes fitted with a search option. This way you can search for keywords and select filters within your own, personalized crawl results to make sure that you always find the information that you need.

Analyze trends

It is possible for us to do a Private Crawl of your data at regular intervals. This way we can get you insights into your data over a longer period of time. Whether it’s a month, every three months or each year, analyze trends within your own data and see how things change.

This product is very popular with the leading registries and registrars worldwide.


Accessible via our RESTful API

It is also possible to enrich your datasets on a continuous basis. This can be done by using the API we have made accessible with a certain match key. If you would like to know more about using our API.

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