Stocks data gives you:

Analytical elements: Panel and Universe.

The panel is a fixed list of 18 million websites that have always been available to us and we have indexed every month for the past five years. The whole universe is a list containing all websites that knows that exist; the size of this list varies over time.


Construct profiles, discover trends.

The historical data, combined with the ability to look for detailed information, allows for the construction of detailed company profiles that indicate their performance. You can, for example, uncover how many businesses across the globe use a particular technology or service. All information can be examined in a comprehensive ‘trends’ view, to make analyzing and acting on this intelligence even easier.

Trend and Analysis

Unique proprietary data scores.

Our proprietary scores offer in-depth insight into the particularities of companies that use the technology of a public company we track. For example, Economic Footprint indicates the size and economic impact, Security Score tells you about their security, while Heartbeat shows you how active they are. Corresponding ‘delta scores’ reveal the changes to a score over the course of a year.


Economic footprint

Economic Footprint is a ‘1 – 100’ ranking that shows the economic impact of each website in the directory. I.e., a score of ‘1’ refers to a website that has just launched while a score of ‘100’ might be a website like Google or Amazon. The score is based on a combination of variables, e.g., incoming links, domain age, hosting data, SSL certificates, and many more. Economic Footprint, combined with our historical data, lets you identify the fast-growing websites and the declining ones.


Tracking all changes to websites makes it possible to generate an activity score for every website in the database. Websites with a low Heartbeat score are not updated on a regular basis or may not even be in use anymore. On the other hand, a website with a high ‘heartbeat’ shows that it is well-maintained and may indicate that the company behind the website is growing.

Security score

The Security Score gives an estimation of how secure websites in the directory are. This score is determined by looking at a number of variables about the software, scripts, servers, firewalls, and SSL certificates that run on the website. The most unprotected websites are ranked ‘0’, while the most secure websites are ranked ‘100’.

Cloud score

Our Cloud Score is a proprietary rank that helps you gain an understanding of how ‘cloud savvy’ websites in the dataset are. It shows to what extent and how well a website uses cloud services. The ‘0 – 100’ score is based on the services offered on a website, their customer relationship management, analytics software, and e-mail service properties, among several other variables.


Audit performance over time.

The detailed report is constantly updated and revised as new data becomes available. This way, you can audit the performance of a company over time. Graphic visualizations are generated automatically, putting the tools for a precise trends analysis at your fingertips.

Analyze the competition.

Find out how your competition is performing. Employ the exhaustive data to find out to what extent they are competing with you, what market segments they have (not yet) reached, what products they sell, what their past and current strategies are, and more.

A comprehensive dashboard.

The Stocks dashboard facilitates the analysis and tracking of key data points and key performance indicators. The data dashboard is the most efficient way to track multiple data sources that make up a business profile – audit the data and spot trends in a single interface.

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And many more features

  • Stats

    Detailed statistics

    Companies are linked to an exhaustive index of data attributes that is kept up to date at all times, giving detailed information about their products and how much they are used.

  • Pointer


    The dashboards are designed to make all data readily available. Automatically generated graphs ensure exploring the data points that make up the business profile is easy.

  • Contacts

    Contact details

    As the largest index of websites’ contact information, offers the only alternative to WHOIS data.

  • History

    Historical data

    Access to more than 3 years of data makes the largest structured search engine in the world.

  • Scores

    Data scores

    Proprietary data scores make analyzing your data a breeze. Discover a website’s Economic Footprint, Security Score, Heartbeat, and Trust Grade, among others.

  • Level

    Delta scores

    When getting a snapshot of your data is not enough, the ‘delta score’ reveals how much a particular proprietary score has changed over the course of a year.

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