Heartbeat Score

Our Heartbeat Score gives a unique insight into the (commercial) development of a website. It is a bit like a health or credit score, and shows how actively a website is being updated or maintained. Because of the monthly re-indexation of all websites in our database, we can keep track of any changes that occur on a website. We know whether a website owner has changed the website content, for example, or if they haven’t changed their website at all in the last year. A decreasing heartbeat can be an indication that a website is being abandoned, whereas an increasing heartbeat shows that a website is growing and regularly maintained.

Trust Score

Our Trust Score provides an insight into the trustworthiness of a website. It shows you whether a website handles privacy sensitive information well (or not) and if that information is stored or transmitted in a secure way. We determine this score on the collection of personal- or payment information, the use of an SSL certificate, the use of Trustmarks for eCommerce websites and several other variables.

Economic Footprint

Our Economic Footprint is a proprietary rank that indicates the economic impact of a website. The score can be used as a proxy to estimate the number of visitors, turnover and size of a company. Because of the large number of websites we index, we know how those websites are reciprocally connected. We add to this how well a website is built, the amount of vacancies it has, whether there are referring domains and several other variables to determine its Economic Footprint. A small Economic Footprint is an indication of a smaller business behind the website, whereas a larger Economic Footprint shows that there is a larger company on the page.

SIC Codes

When a business registers with the Chamber of Commerce or a similar governmental institution, they are asked to classify their industry with the use of a SIC code. If a company changes this industry afterwards though, they often forget to update this initial registration. This makes governmental SIC codes less reliable for business information.

That’s why Dataprovider.com has created a different system to determine the SIC code of any business we index. Our algorithm looks at the content of a website, and bases the SIC code it ascribes to a company based on that. With a new indexation each month, this means our SIC codes are always up-to-date.

Cloud Score

Our Cloud Score is a proprietary rank that gives you an initial understanding of how ‘cloud savvy’ a website is. It shows how a website uses cloud services. We determine this score based on the services offered on a website, the CRM used, the analytics software, e-mail services and several other variables. A low Cloud Score means that a website is not that cloud savvy and tends to stay away from cloud computing, whereas a high Cloud Score is an indication that a website mostly uses cloud services.

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