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Say you’re looking for a shoe store in Los Angeles. Your search engine probably has you covered. But what if you want an overview of all shoe stores in the Los Angeles area? Or all shoe stores within the entire United States and their contact details as well? Browsing the endless pages of information in traditional search engines to find the answers you’re looking for would take forever. That is why we created was founded in 2008 by Marc Noët, Christian Branbergen and Gijs Barends. By combining technical knowledge, experience in business and great enthusiasm, they quickly grew their company to what it is today. Our spider indexes over 280 domains in 50 countries all over the world, collecting over 200 valuable data variables for all of them. That’s how we have built the largest database of structured data about everything on the world wide web. Our filters allow you to create data sets that are specifically tailored to your inquiry.

We’re an international bunch with offices in Groningen, Amsterdam, and San Francisco. Our team is always happy to help you, so feel free to contact us, or stop by for a cup of coffee or an icecream.

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Even though we’re constantly growing our company, we have not lost our startup mentality. With - people and counting, we value a great atmosphere and a team that’s always there to help someone else out. Our designers, developers, and analysts make for a dynamic combination of people; with some impressive darts and pool skills.


Our team consists of a wide range of professionals. We employ data explorers, developers, designers, and many more. This way we can help you with any questions you may have; offering support where needed, quickly.


We work best in a creative environment. That’s why our Groningen office is in the Mediacentrale. A former power plant that houses over 65 innovative companies with a focus on media, data and IT. Our Amsterdam team has recently joined TQ, a curated tech space in the city center. Come over, have a look, and say hi!

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