Gain valuable insights through our data

Selling a domain is great, but it’s only the beginning. Each new customer gained is an extra opportunity for you to grow. We know the domain name business is a competitive one. That’s why with our data, from the moment a domain name is registered, you have the opportunity to tap into the growth of your customers’ business in addition to yours. With the opportunity to gain powerful insights early on, you are able to track the lifecycle of a domain name and add value to its existence through products and services. Ultimately, this will help you with the recurring renewal of the domain name and all the services attached to it. When you understand and gain knowledge of your customers’ journey, you have an opportunity to strategize on creating new products and services aligned with relevant needs. You remain current in your offering. Private Crawl tells you where your opportunities are. Upload your domains to our system, let us analyze them and use our data to see how you can grow. You will learn where your customers are using competitor products or services, impact renewals by upselling products and services to attach to the domain name, understand your customers’ journey better and even design targeted marketing campaigns from the support of respective TLD registries.

Online Stores

One of our system’s many strengths is the ability to recognize e-commerce websites, giving you the opportunity to leverage that data to gain competitive intelligence. Upsell SSL’s or determine older versions of WordPress websites that you can provide with a more secured offering, to incentivize the website owner to transfer to your services. You can further filter and determine if a website has a social media presence, to perhaps explore marketing campaigns.

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Mobile Optimization

Only 45% of all websites is optimized for mobile use. Upsell your customers a responsive design, to make sure they offer their visitors the best experience possible.

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New gTLDs

You can filter for opportunities in many different ways. For example, offer your customers a TLD that is aligned with their business, help them optimize their website better using our SEO scores, or determine which websites have longer domain names that could be shortened by a more fitting TLD.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Once your clients have a website, they want to be found through search engines. Use our SEO score to filter for websites that could benefit from website optimization, and provide them with all relevant tools and services to support this need.

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Upsell to domain name customers

We track hosting providers for all domains we index. Select websites that have registered their domain name through your services, but use hosting services somewhere else.

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Upsell to hosting customers

Leverage our data to identify those hosting customers that have registered their domain names with another company, so you can run domain name transfer promotions and bring them over to your service.

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Identify potential resellers

One of the data attributes we index is resellers, if this information is made available. Identify resellers who resell through other registrars and see if you can incentivize them to work through your services instead.

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Analyze the market

We index over 125 variables for more than 280 million domains. Our system is a powerful tool to provide you with valuable insight into the different markets globally. Use the information we index on a monthly basis to monitor and benchmark with competitors so you can strategize on how to increase your market share.

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