Understand usage of domain names to increase renewals

If you get 1,000 new registrations but no content is created early in the registration period, this isn’t healthy growth. Registration volumes cannot - and shouldn’t - be your only way to measure the success of a campaign. Analyzing what’s happening on these newly registered domains every month gives you unique insights: did the domain registrations come through a promotion and how many renewed before the end of the first year? The data helps you understand what metrics define a healthy customer and how to attract more of them.

Find and connect with the right customers
Boost domain earnings

Monitor domain activity to identify opportunities, increase retention and grow your customer base

How is a company manifested on the internet

Increase domain name renewals

Offer your customers the right service at the right time during the first year of registration to guarantee renewals. Encourage them to set up an email address, redirect or website as soon as they have registered. Discover how many of the registrations are active business websites, blogs, placeholders or parked domains and in which industries they operate. This way, you can offer them relevant services: for example, filter by e-commerce and sell SSL certificates to online stores with an expiring or missing SSL certificate.

How is a company manifested on the internet

Gain control of your domain portfolio

The domains in your portfolio are your assets. Detect DNS and ownership changes or instances of negligence such as unintended expiration with Know Your Customer. Upload a file with hostnames you want to audit and get a thorough analysis of their website content, technical specifications and business information. Always get the latest data: companies reorienting their business focus to another sector, a sudden drop in traffic or a lack of (security) updates and online shops changing their payment method.

How is a company manifested on the internet

Identify risk areas for better security

Scan your domain name portfolio for security vulnerabilities. Discover domains in your portfolio that are at risk of hacking, phishing attacks and other security threats. Identify websites with open ports, outdated content management systems (CMS), unsupported PHP versions or missing SSL certificates, so you can take action right away and ensure renewals and new registrations.

How is a company manifested on the internet

Find new growth opportunities in TLD trends

What’s the ratio of gTLDs, nTLDs and ccTLDs? Find new growth markets per industry and geolocation and identify who the market players are. Analyze your competitors’ weaknesses: find their customers who are online stores and don’t have an SSL certificate and launch a targeted marketing campaign. Measure and benchmark a particular TLD usage, oversee which gTLD is growing the fastest in which country and analyze why it’s so.


  • Search Engine

    Filter the web by over 200 data points such as registrar, hosting company, TLD type

    • Measure and track TLD trends in 50 countries
    • Analyze the data with automatically generated graphs and statistical reports
    • Export CSV reports
  • Know Your Customer

    Upload your domain name assets on our firewall-protected servers to get more insights

    • Import your data from a CSV file and add a unique ID
    • Analyze trends and scores over time
    • Export PDF reports to understand your end users
  • Ownership

    Trace any domain back to its roots, uncover hidden connections

    • Uncover networks & ownerships
    • Access historical data
    • Retrieve associated websites

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