Payment service providers

Monitor and understand the digital payment market in a country

With the increasing demand for digital payments, you need to find and connect with the right potential customers before your competitors do, mitigate risks in your portfolio and quickly recognize changes in your customers’ behavior. By using, you’ll rely on the latest data indexed from more than 700 million domains every month: you’ll be the first to see market trends and emerging companies that may be qualified leads. Some of the biggest technology companies, among which Dun & Bradstreet and PayPal, use our data to power their analytics.

Find and connect with the right customers
Outsmart your competitors

Analyze millions of websites to get a complete view of the PSP market

Target the major players and small businesses

Target the major players and small businesses

Use our proprietary Traffic Index to monitor the growth and decline of other payment service providers. Our daily and monthly indexes help you determine the usage of payment services over time so you can evaluate their performance on the web. Drill down into the data and discover in which countries and industries your competitors’ customers are and what their traffic estimation is. Filter by ‘eCommerce’ and ‘Brick and mortar’ to get a complete repository of relevant companies and websites you can target.

Complement your data on the payment market

Complement your data on the payment market

Analyze the latest trends in the digital payment market: what kind of websites and companies are using a particular payment service provider (PSP); which PSPs are thriving and falling behind; what are the most popular payment methods used on the web? Connect data on payment service providers with demographic data: where is your competitors’ customer base? Search through web data from the past four years to get a 360-degree view of the market and predict trends for your long-term planning.

Get to know your customers at a deeper level

Get to know your customers at a deeper level

Use our Know Your Customer tool for an in-depth audit of your customers’ websites: in which countries is your customer base growing and where is it declining, in which industry are they operating, what shopping cart systems are they using? Discover how a website handles sensitive data: is the information stored or transmitted in a secure way or are there any system backdoors such as open ports, outdated CMSs and expiring or missing SSL certificates?

Capture the right customers with lead generation

Capture the right customers with lead generation

Identify the most relevant target businesses with lead scoring: determine the quality of the leads before you connect with them. What’s the state of their website security: do they have many open ports, an expiring SSL certificate or are they running on an outdated CMS? Apply our Heartbeat Score to track how active they are, evaluate their Economic Footprint and how it’s developing over time. Discover the newest online stores with relatively high traffic without a payment method.


  • Search Engine

    Apply over 200 data variables to create a targeted search

    • Filter results by a company name and a payment service provider
    • Measure and track historical web trends in 50 countries
    • Instantly access graphs and statistical reports
    • Export raw data for your own custom analytics
  • Know Your Customer

    Monitor changes in your domain name assets

    • Monitor changes in your customer base
    • Import your data from a CSV file and add a unique ID
    • Analyze trends and scores over time
    • Export PDF reports to understand your customers
  • Traffic Index

    Track the popularity of websites and different web services

    • Track the popularity of payment service providers
    • Get daily insights into website popularity
    • Find all relevant discovered subdomains
    • Evaluate overall performance

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Payment Service Providers

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Payment Service Providers

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