Monitor the market and increase your share

The constant growth in online stores creates many possibilities to expand your market share. Finding new businesses to work with, however, can be a challenge. You can check each individual online store for the payment provider they use, but that process is slow and time-consuming. Discover new possibilities to collaborate with online businesses more efficiently with We collect over 200 variables from more than 280 domains around the world. That’s why we are always up-to-date on eCommerce businesses and their information. Have you found the information you need? Export any dataset you’ve created to .CSV or to SalesForce.


Select all eCommerce stores in our database by using our ‘online store’ filter. For this filter we’ve taught a computer system to recognize eCommerce and non-eCommerce stores, using machine learning.

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Payment methods

Do you want more information on the payment methods used by online stores? Our payment filter is the perfect aid for that. It can currently recognize more than 75 payment methods.

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Payment service provider

We track payment service providers used by online stores in 50 countries, and currently recognize over 70 providers worldwide.

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Determine a store’s size

Based on all information we collect, we’ve created a score that we call Economic Footprint. This footprint is a proprietary rank, and gives you an indication of the economic impact of each website in our database. The higher the Economic Footprint, the ‘bigger’ the website. Only want to reach larger online stores? Or aiming for the smaller segment? Use our Economic Footprint score as your guide.

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Don’t waste your time on inactive stores

We re-visit each website in our database every month. Based on these visits, we’ve created our Heartbeat score. With Heartbeat, we provide a unique insight into the health of a website. Once a website’s Heartbeat is low, it is not being updated on a regular basis and may no longer be used. A high Heartbeat, on the other hand, shows that a website is regularly being maintained and may be an indication of a growing company. Filter out any inactive stores to more effectively find new leads.

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