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Daily and monthly Traffic Index

The traffic insights provided by web analytics tools are far from precise: the plain truth is that only the website’s owner knows the exact traffic to a website. That’s why we've developed our proprietary Traffic Index which is a benchmarked estimation relative to the connections to Unlike other tools that use browser extensions to measure traffic, our Traffic Index is determined by a worldwide pool of anonymized and uniquely hashed connection data that provides much deeper insights.

Monitor the growth and decline of web services
Web services and apps

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Using our Traffic Index helps you determine not only the daily and monthly popularity of hostnames but also of web services and apps such as Netflix, Slack and many more. Monitor the growth or decline of payment and communications web technologies that tech companies around the world are using. Use the data as input to evaluate the respective technologies and make better forecasts for your equity research.

Identify the internet footprint of a company

Identify the internet footprint of a company

Our Traffic Index differs from other website traffic monitoring tools as it also shows all relevant discovered subdomains. Use them as an indicator of the expansion or decline of web technologies and services such as Tesla, Apple, Microsoft and many more. Discover all known subdomains to gain additional input for your alpha-generating investments and to better understand the popularity, development and clients using the technology.

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