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Structured search

Search the world wide web in a structured way.

  • The complete list

    Google is great to get the best results. We get the complete list.

  • Search for technologies

    Search the web for technologies that companies use.

  • Search beyond the keyword

    Create queries based on relationships for deeper insights. Get all websites related to a certain keyword, even if they don't use this keyword. For example, to find all websites related to shoes, automatically includes results that don't contain “shoes” but do use “boots” or “footwear”. Our search graph understands what you're looking for in 38 languages.

We index the ever-growing internet in over countries.

Know Your Customer

Get to know your present and future customers on a deeper level.

  • Custom insights

    You provide the list of companies. We provide the insights.

  • Real-time insights

    Follow developments and issues of clients, competitors and other stakeholders right as they occur.

  • Track third parties

    Keep an eye on your clients, competitors and all their customers, partners and relations.

  • Risk or marketing automation

    Plug into your risk or marketing automation systems, in bulk or streaming and execute when the action happens.

  • Enhance your intelligence

    Gain opportunities and valuable insights with data-driven business intelligence on steroids.

More and smarter insights

Proprietary scores

Get to know your present and future customers on a deeper level.

  • Economic footprint

    Determine the importance of a website from an economic point of view.

  • Heartbeat score

    Get a unique insight into a website's (commercial) development. Feel the pulse of growth or a declining heart rate.

  • Trust grade

    Get insight into the trustworthiness of a website, from its subject and contents to its ownership.

  • Security score

    See how well a website handles privacy-sensitive information, whether this information is stored or transmitted in a secure way and if there are any system backdoors.

Over eight years of history

Our monthly updates generate historical data, enabling you to explore trends.

  • Go back in time

    Go back in time and search the web backwards.

  • Get a historical perspective

    Search over eight years of internet history.

  • Track digital success

    Follow the monthly growth and decline of digital success over time.

  • Track hostnames

    Trace the evolution of hostnames, from their first to their final days.

Integrations with webhooks and API works seamlessly with all your favorite platforms.

  • Easy integrations isn't yet another platform. Connect your own trusted platforms to our data with click-to-go integrations.

  • Realtime updates

    Get streaming updates via webhooks. Get informed of developments right as they happen.

  • Connect our API

    Use the API to add data intelligence to your go-to applications.

Traffic Index

Our Traffic Index measures the popularity of hostnames and services.

  • Daily index

    This unique index is developed to measure daily popularity.

  • 100 million plus users

    Based on over 100 million unique users across the globe.

  • Unique insights

    Develop unique insights into the visible and invisible services websites use.


As we index millions of websites, we also index the technologies they use. This information helps keep you in the know.

  • A tech overview tracks thousands of technologies.

  • A helicopter view

    See and discover trends. Find out which technologies are trending and which ones are becoming old news.

  • Monthly updates

    We automatically monitor all technologies that are being used, so new ones are added monthly.

Proprietary data from Europe

We gather virtually all our data ourselves, using our proprietary crawlers and platform. Unlike the case with acquired data, we always know our sources.

  • GDPR compliant

    We operate under strict GDPR regulations. We track all of our data and how it relates to GDPR.

  • Legal and privacy assistance

    Our seasoned legal and privacy staff is here to help and answer all your questions.

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