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What clouds are companies using worldwide, how many e-commerce websites in Europe don’t have an SSL certificate, how many retailers in the USA have a brick-and-mortar store? Find answers to these and even more specific questions using our Search Engine. Also, search beyond keywords: find all websites selling shoes even if they don’t use this particular keyword but related ones like “boots” or “footwear”.

Extract granular data
Over 200 data points

Build custom datasets for granular insights

Dissect the data with more than 200 unique data points from various categories: geolocation, business, content, e-commerce, marketing, technical specifications, hosting and development. Use the filters in any combination to discover unique results, such as the location of websites at a country, region and city level, type of online stores, payment methods they use and many more. Build comprehensive datasets with a few clicks for in-depth market intelligence.

Monitor technology trends

Track technologies and predict future trends

Measure historical web trends in 50 countries up to four years back in time: fastest growing industries and emerging players across the globe, digital developments of key competitors, internet usage demographics, comparison of businesses by popularity and many more. Track how often company websites change, which web technologies they’re using and how they’re growing. Construct detailed company profiles and find new angles for your analytics.

Analyze data with our Proprietary Scores
Proprietary Scores

Put data into perspective for more and smarter insights

Measure the digital world and analyze the data in a comprehensive way using our unique unbiased Proprietary Scores. Track the growth of a website at a company level with our Heartbeat Score. Find fraudulent websites with our Trust grade. Discover how well a website handles sensitive data with our Security Score: if this information is stored or transmitted in a secure way and if there are any system backdoors. Delve into the cloud savviness of a website with our Cloud Score.

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    Export CSV reports to analyze all your data sources in a single place.

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    Explore the data with automatically generated graphs, statistical reports and heatmaps.

  • Monthly updated

    Rely on always fresh data as we index the web every month.

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