Public Data

If you are looking for a candy store in San Francisco, any regular search engine can help you out. But what if you want to know all websites connected to candy stores in the city? And need their business information as well? That’s where our Public Data can help you out.

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Private Crawl

We index more than 450 million domains each month and can tell you all about those. But what if you want extensive information on a domain that is not in our database? With our private Crawl, that’s no problem.

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Knowing your customers well can provide great advantages. It can help you better tailor your services to them, or maybe even offer them additional products over time. Unfortunately, getting all necessary information isn’t always easy. That’s why offers enrichment.

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Millions of domains are being registered and traded each year, which means finding the actual owner of one can be difficult. With our Ownership tool, we now offer a solution to this problem.

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