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The largest search engine of structured web data transforms the internet into a structured database of web data. Our technology produces rock-solid insights today to empower your decisions for tomorrow.

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Everything that’s out there
We index the ever-growing internet
Browsing those endless result pages provided by traditional search engines seems to take forever. That’s why we created We index the relevant world wide web and transform it into a structured database to provide you with detailed insights - within seconds.
Highly detailed
Over 490 million domains filtered by over 200 variables and 10,000 values
We have identified and summarized valuable data attributes from billions of web pages, from business details to technical specs and from marketing insights to hosting information. The result is a structured database, ready for immediate use.
Always fresh
Monthly updates of every indexed domain
We update our database in near real-time while indexing to ensure you get the latest information. These updates enable you to see the changes made to any website per month and track changes over time.
Structured searches
Structured in a clean and searchable database
Our unique proprietary data scores indicate a website’s performance in terms of, among others, its economic impact, security and cloud savviness. Search our engine keywording natural language. Use filter combinations to create bespoke datasets.

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Proof of practice

Using structured data to measure the internet economy with Google and Statistics Netherlands
Asset Management
Using structured data to track the performance of publicly listed tech companies
Asset Management
Market intelligence
Using structured data for better prospecting, conversion and growth
Market intelligence
Brand protection
Using structured data to fight brand infringement
Brand protection
Cross industry
Introducing a data scoring system to get unique insights into websites and companies
Cross industry
Cyber Security
Securing websites with a real-time, data-driven security score
Cyber Security

European data privacy standards

Our data is proprietary, verified and 100% compliant
with European privacy law.

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