Asset Management

Using structured data to track the performance of publicly listed tech companies

Asset Management

The challenge

A SEC-registered investment firm wanted to track the performance of tech companies in its portfolio ahead of the quarterly earnings releases. They wanted to do this as part of their quantitative and value-focused investments. For the value-focused investments, they aimed to better understand their popularity, activity at development level and the clients using the technology. On a quantitative level, they needed input for their alpha-generating investments.

The solution

To track its portfolio companies, the firm created two datasets per portfolio company within our public search engine. By doing so, they could track their performance on the monthly index and within the panel. This panel consisted of companies that were tracked for the last 24 months and showed a medium to high heartbeat. For their alpha-generating strategy, we provided a monthly dump of US data going back to 36 months.

The result

A clever way to track the performance of listed companies.

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