The KYC tool kit is twofold:

Having detailed knowledge of your clients helps manage risks and find upsell opportunities. Customer Due Diligence policies have been expanding and have become vital for many companies, not only those in the financial sector.


A thorough analysis by our smart crawlers delivers business information, website content, technical aspects, and proprietary scores – such as Economic Footprint or Security – of domains on a list provided by you. Whether it concerns businesses going in a different direction, moving their offices, sudden drops in traffic or a lack of (security) updates to domains; always having the latest accurate data available helps identify, analyze, and prepare responses to risk factors.


Database enrichment offers ample opportunities for improving your (online) business and managing compliance. Provide an e-mail address and find addresses, business details, and more. Start from a company website to discover linked domains and technical aspects, among others. Use the intelligence gained to sell SSL certificates to online stores and privacy-sensitive websites or check if the online presence of your (potential) customers raises any red flags.

With KYC you can:

Audit everything, any time.

If you need to audit domains and websites that belong to businesses, prospects or customers, all you need to do is tell us what they are. Our smart crawlers will return an exhaustive information index for every domain and website on that list. You get to decide how often: every day, every month, or whenever you want.

Audit everything

Your data is safe with us.

Your list, your data. Because the order is given by you, the results are yours alone. By contractual obligation, nobody will have access to the data indexes built for you. We keep the data on firewall-protected private servers and it can only be accessed with your IP address. Because we do not mix any of the collected data, you are the only one with access to the server that contains your indexes. Some of the most prominent financial and domain companies trust their data with us.

Your data is safe with us

Analyze trends and developments.

The data is updated at regular intervals and you can set alerts to be notified of changes to domains – this way, analyzing trends becomes easy. With automatic data visualization and a constantly renewed directory, you can easily dissect your datasets and discover and monitor new developments.

Set trend alert

Score your customers.

Having more data available makes a thorough analysis easier. If your customer has a website, our proprietary data scores can indicate the reliability of your clients regarding, for example, their economic impact, online security or trustworthiness.

Crawl and Enrichment, our KYC-products

KYC-Crawl is easy to use:

  • Upload your file
  • Indexation
  • Build your data set
  • Analyze and upsell

KYC-Enrich, enriching your data:

  • Import data
  • Matching
  • Export file
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Active countries
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Want to integrate our data into your technology stack?

We offer access to our RESTful API. Contact us for more information.

If you would like to know more about using our API.



  • Filters

    Advanced filters

    Utilize over 200 search variables in whatever way you want to create custom datasets that show you the information you need to get the job done.

  • Scores

    Data scores

    Proprietary data scores make analyzing your data a breeze. Discover a website’s Economic Footprint, Security Score, Heartbeat, and Trust Grade, among others.

  • Level

    Delta scores

    When getting a snapshot of your data is not enough, the ‘delta score’ reveals how much a particular proprietary score has changed over the course of a year.

  • Pointer


    The dashboards are designed to make all data readily available. Automatically generated graphs ensure exploring the data points that make up the business profile is easy.

  • Export

    Export data from multiple formats

    Export your dataset in CSV and PDF to share it with your colleagues or continue working on it in different ways.

  • Difference

    Different views on the data

    Order your dataset in the comprehensive ‘statistics’ view, find geographic patterns through the ‘heatmap’, and use ‘trends’ to see how the data has developed over time.

  • Databases

    Compare different KYC-Crawls

    By routinely doing KYC-Crawls, you can see which websites in your list have changed and what the changes are, allowing you to act on this intelligence promptly.

  • Find

    Find the data that matters

    Choose the filters you want to use, highlight important variables, sort the columns, and refine the results using keywords; find the information you need, without any unnecessary clutter.

  • Discover trends

    Discover trends

    By routinely enriching your database and running KYC-Crawl, you can see which fields have changed and what the changes are; allowing you to act on this intelligence promptly.

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