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Everything that’s out there
We index the ever-growing internet
Browsing those endless result pages provided by traditional search engines seems to take forever. That’s why we created We index the relevant world wide web and transform it into a structured database to provide you with detailed insights - within seconds.
Highly detailed
Over 490 million domains filtered by over 200 variables and 10,000 values
We have identified and summarized valuable data attributes from billions of web pages, from business details to technical specs and from marketing insights to hosting information. The result is a structured database, ready for immediate use.
Always fresh
Monthly updates of every indexed domain
We update our database in near real-time while indexing to ensure you get the latest information. These updates enable you to see the changes made to any website per month and track changes over time.
Structured searches
Structured in a clean and searchable database
Our unique proprietary data scores indicate a website’s performance in terms of, among others, its economic impact, security and cloud savviness. Search our engine keywording natural language. Use filter combinations to create bespoke datasets.

Rely on European privacy standards

All KYC custom results are yours alone

We keep your data indexes secure on our firewall-protected private servers, only accessible via your IP address. Here you’re in the good company of industry leaders in the financial sector and domain industry, as well as governments.

All data is proprietary

We gather all of our data ourselves. Our advanced proprietary software crawls and indexes the most important pages of a website. We then analyze and structure this data. Unlike with acquired data, we always know our source.

Fully GDPR compliant

Our privacy strategy, policy and procedures fully comply with European GDPR law, setting the world’s strictest privacy standards. We also follow the best practice conventions outlined in the robots exclusion protocol, as well as standards and advice set by W3C. As we abide by the most stringent rules, you can always trust that we do the right thing.

All data is publicly available

We only crawl information that is publicly available within the legal domain. On an average day, we download, analyze and summarize over 30 million websites and hundreds of millions of pages.

Get the uncensored truth,
one dataset at a time

Our database captures and structures everything that is being published on the internet. Find business opportunities, understand your customers and gain valuable market insights.

Use our search engine, create custom datasets,
and get to know your customers better than ever