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Anything from technical specifications, web trends and stats, popularity of web technologies and services and more.

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Actionable web insights at your fingertips

Zoom in on more than 700 million domains and filter the data by over 200 data points, from technical to marketing information, such as hosting, content management system, estimated number of web visitors and many more.

Track changes to companies and markets over time

Use historical data up to four years to analyze current web trends and predict future trends in 50 countries: fastest growing industries across countries, digital developments of key competitors, internet usage demographics and many more.

Audit your customers’ domains and websites

Monitor any changes to your customers’ domains and websites: for example, a company reorienting its business focus to another sector, a sudden drop in traffic or a lack of (security) updates, an online shop changing its payment method and more.

Measure the popularity of hostnames and services

Measure the popularity of hostnames, web services and apps such as Netflix and Slack. Monitor the growth or decline of payment and communications web technologies that tech companies around the world are using.

Structured search

Find information you can’t find using a regular search engine

Get a complete view

Find answers to very specific questions using monthly updated data indexed from more than 700 million domains and websites.

Explore web technologies

Search the web for web technologies and services that companies are using.

Search beyond the keyword

Find all websites selling shoes even if they don’t use this particular keyword but related ones like “boots” or “footwear”.

Know Your Customer

Get to know your present and future customers at a deeper level

Get custom insights

You provide a list of domains and websites and we provide actionable insights, so you can perform periodic due diligence assessments.

Detect any changes

Follow developments and issues of your customers right as they occur, so you can take action immediately.

Audit everything anytime

Keep an eye on your clients, competitors and all their customers, partners and relations.

Proprietary Scores

Put data into perspective for more and smarter insights

Economic Footprint

Determine the importance of a website from an economic point of view.

Heartbeat Score

Get unique insights into a website's (commercial) development. Track its growth or decline.

Trust Grade

Discover domains and websites that are registered and used in bad faith.

Security Score

Discover how well a website handles sensitive data: is the information stored and transmitted in a secure way?

Cloud Score

See to what extent a website uses cloud services such as CRM, web analytics software, email and others.

Browse history

Track historical web trends in 50 countries from up to four years

Go back in time

Search the web backwards and discover how often company websites change.

Track digital success

Explore global trends such as fastest growing industries and emerging players across countries.

Track hostnames

Trace the evolution of hostnames, from their first to their final days.

Integrations with webhooks and APIs

Add actionable data insights to all your favorite platforms

Seamless integrations

Easily and securely integrate data. Analyze all your data sources together in a single place.

Monitor real-time updates

Get streaming updates via webhooks. Get notifications of developments right as they happen.

Connect to our APIs

Save time and effort by integrating our data into your technology stack with our APIs.

Traffic Index

Measure the popularity of websites and online services

Daily and monthly Index

Use our unique Traffic Index to get detailed insights into the popularity of a hostname and track how it changes over time.

Track services

Track the daily and monthly popularity of web services and apps such as Netflix, Slack and many more.

Benchmarked traffic estimation

The Traffic Index is determined on a benchmarked estimation relative to the connections to www.google.com.


Explore what technologies companies around the world are using

A tech overview

Explore the market share of tech companies such as SAP, Adyen, Mollie and many more.

A helicopter view

Discover who’s winning and losing market shares, identify emerging players and the latest market trends.

Unique datasets

Find all company websites using WordPress as a CMS that are hosted at Amazon and have an SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt, with a single click.


Save time and explore the data with a single click

Complex filter combinations

Creating the right dataset is difficult due to the hundreds of filters and values that each field contains. Recipes are custom prefiltered datasets that help you get the most complete results.

Tailored results

Find the precise data you're looking for, tailored to your specific questions and industry.

Verify the data

Recipes show you all specific data points we’ve used to derive it, so you can always trace the data back to its source.

Our Users

We power any data-minded team

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Investment managers

Get actionable web insights for equity research

Use data indexed from the world wide web to build a well-informed picture about a company and conduct fundamental equity research.

Analysts / Data scientists

Upgrade your analytics

Build custom datasets, define your goals and gain unique data insights for your data-driven strategies.

Brand protection / legal

Outsmart frauds

Uncover fraudulent websites in seconds, monitor changes to websites and discover who owns a domain name.

Governments / National statistical offices

Measure and analyze the digital economy

Adopt web data to complement your analytics and track new web developments in various industries and markets.


Expand your research focus

Analyze the Covid-19 impact on digital transformation, examine how cybercrime affects businesses and governments and more.

Registrars / registries

Increase renewal rates

Monitor your customers’ domains so that you’re always in the know who’s in your user base, what has changed and why. Sell more domains and services.


Enhance your marketing

Identify emerging players and market trends, track historical web trends and oversee key competitors’ and industry players’ digital developments.