Search By Example

A ‘more like this’ feature for the most relevant web results

Extracting the information you need from 800 million domains and more than 200 variables per domain can get overwhelming for even the most seasoned data expert.’s new Search By Example feature gives you the ideal place to start: the URL of your best customer, closest competitor, or dream client. Using your Example, our proprietary algorithm gets to work—with just a few clicks, you’ll have a comprehensive list of similar companies and leads globally, based on the content of a website. Optimize workflows with the most relevant results, send your teams’ efforts to only the highest-quality leads, and benefit from a streamlined data experience for beginners and experts alike.

 A ‘more like this’ feature for online business searches

Key benefits

Discover high-quality accounts with custom lead lists

With just one URL from an ideal customer or a company in your desired industry, our Search By Example feature returns a dataset of matching profiles—including firmographics, geographic information, and contact details right alongside your results. Take the next step with actionable information, and reach out to your potential customers via email, phone, or social media right away. Your sales and marketing teams can work efficiently and confidently knowing their new leads are consistently strong.

Generate custom lead lists with over 230 filters

Understand your competition even better

Strengthen your business by staying ahead of the competition. Search with your own business URL as Example and explore the industry at local or global level: generate lists of competing companies, products, or services in your region and beyond. Our data helps you understand a competitor’s website traffic, behind-the-scenes technology use, or Economic Footprint. Set yourself apart with the insights can give.

Understand your industry and competitors

Research and map new markets

Industries and markets are continuously evolving, so it’s crucial to stay at the forefront of new developments. Use Search By Example to track changes in the results, watch businesses grow, and see new markets emerge. Curious about what companies are entering the AI sector, for example? Or how many there are, where they’re based, and if that number is growing? Know where and when change happens with’s Search By Example.

Map markets and industries globally

Get started

Whether you need actionable web data insights for day-to-day projects or for long-term strategies, the answer to your question lies in our structured web data.