Privacy principles

Our Data Privacy Principles

Stay in control of your data. Rely on GDPR-compliant data for your analytics and research.

Data with privacy and ethics in mind

European privacy standards

Rely on European privacy standards

You can always trust that we do the right thing. All our processes, procedures and policies comply with GDPR rules and regulations, which set the world’s strictest privacy standards, and with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) that enhances privacy rights and consumer protection for residents of California, United States. Also, we’ve programmed our crawler to comply with the international standard of the Robots Exclusion protocol and not crawl websites if there are rules in their robots.txt files that disallow crawling.

Your data is protected

Your data is protected

As we pioneered the structured web, our focus is on internet technologies, their potential and protection from misuse. We do everything that’s in our power to protect our customers’ sensitive information from unauthorized access, changes, misuse and unwanted disclosure. We work together with financial and domain industry leaders, top universities and governments, for example, Statistics Netherlands, a Dutch governmental institution that gathers statistical information about the Netherlands, providing them with data to support their policies and research.

You're in control of your data

You’re in control of your data

When you share a list with domains and websites that you want to audit with Know Your Customer, we secure it on our firewall-protected private servers to which only you have access. Read more about how we store and process your data in our privacy statement. If you want to review which of your data we’ve indexed, you can contact our Data Protection Officer ( and request access, deletion and correction.

Our data can be traced back to its source

You can trust the integrity of our data

You can trust the integrity of our data as we can always trace it to its source: we don’t use any third-party data (except for our Traffic Index). Our advanced proprietary software indexes hundreds of millions of web pages and processes and structures this information into more than 200 relevant data points in categories such as geolocation, e-commerce, marketing, technical aspects, hosting and more. In you see - in black and white - how we’ve detected each and every result using our filters.

European privacy standards

Privacy by Design

Our Privacy by Design technology ensures that by default we minimize the personally identifiable information (PII) to what is needed to accomplish your goal. We use the latest hashing techniques to minimize the use of PII. Do you have any questions about our Privacy Principles? Get in touch with our seasoned Data Protection Officer: he’ll answer all your questions (

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