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Actionable web data
Asset management

Use structured web data for your equity research

Construct detailed company profiles for your alpha-generating strategy. Track historical web trends, oversee digital developments and monitor the online growth and decline of tech companies.

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Fraudulent web shops
Online Brand Protection

Protect your brand online

Find and monitor newly registered domains that infringe on your brand and discover whole clusters of fraudulent websites to catch all copycats. Trace a domain back to its roots to uncover hidden connections.

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Academic research
Academic research

Complement your statistical analyses with web data

Analyze the Covid-19 impact on digital transformation and technology adoption, measure countries’ digital economies, examine how cybercrime affects businesses and governments and more.

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Business information sheet
Business information

Your strategic web business data resource

Search for very specific data with more than 200 data points - distilled from millions of websites - such as web technologies, payment methods, SIC codes, brick and mortar stores, e-commerce, languages and more.

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Analyze with statistics
Public sector

Analyze the digital economy in a country

As the economic activities of a company change, its website immediately reflects these updates. Analyze global web data indexed from 600 million domains, including 25 million company websites.

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Payment service providers
Payment service providers

Monitor and understand the digital payment market in a country

Analyze millions of websites for a 360-degree view of the digital payment market. Complement your data with ours, understand your customers, and identify quality prospects through lead scoring.

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Enrich your asset discovery data to tackle cybersecurity threats

Just like companies, digital assets grow over time. You start with a domain name and a server for your website and gradually add more domains, subdomains and machines. They require regular maintenance, but this is often overlooked.

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Track the latest TLD trends to increase renewals and registrations

Benchmark against other TLDs, including the market leader, and make more precise forecasts for your monthly and yearly goals. Analyze changes to your domain portfolio and check usage, redirects, security and more.

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Understand usage of domain names to increase renewals

If you get 1,000 new registrations but no content is created early in the registration period, this isn’t healthy growth. Registration volumes cannot - and shouldn’t - be your only way to measure the success of a campaign.

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