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Structured web data for data-minded professionals: investment analysts, security specialists, domain experts, researchers in academia and the public sector, marketers and more.

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Asset management

Use structured web data for your equity research

Construct detailed company profiles for your alpha-generating strategies. Track historical web trends, oversee digital developments and monitor the online growth and decline of tech companies.

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Actionable web data
Online Brand Protection

Be in control of your online brand protection strategy

Find and monitor newly registered domains that infringe on your brand and discover whole clusters of fraudulent websites to catch all copycats. Trace a domain back to its roots to uncover hidden connections.

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Fraudulent web shops
Academic research

Expand your statistical analysis with web data

Get easy access to the entire web within a clean, structured database. Using the diverse applications of web data, address a vast amount of research questions spanning economic, social, cultural and geopolitical topics.

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Academic research
Business information

Your strategic web business data resource

Search for very specific data with more than 200 data points - distilled from millions of websites - such as web technologies, payment methods, SIC codes, brick and mortar stores, e-commerce, languages and more.

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Business information sheet

Track the health and growth of your zone files

Leverage our geographical data to find domains in your country that are registered under gTLDs or new gTLDs. Support your marketing efforts by dissecting the data and filter domains by language, industry, country, activity and over 200 other data points.

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Increase retention and revenue with domain insights

Leverage our data to understand what metrics define a healthy customer and how to attract more of them. Find new growth markets per industry and geolocation, identify who the market players are, analyze your competitors’ weaknesses and launch a targeted marketing campaign.

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Public sector

Analyze the digital economy in a country

As the economic activities of a company change, its website immediately reflects these updates. Analyze global web data indexed from 700 million domains, including 25 million company websites.

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Analyze with statistics

Secure digital assets by identifying vulnerabilities

Our monthly updated web data helps you to continuously discover new digital assets and inspect vulnerabilities such as outdated CMS versions, web server software, operating systems, misconfigured firewalls and expiring or missing SSL certificates.

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Payment service providers

Understand customers, competitors and trends

Analyze millions of websites to get a complete view of the PSP market. Our daily and monthly indexes help you determine the usage of payment services over time so you can evaluate their performance on the web.

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Payment service providers

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