A company’s website as mini data source

When you are in Business Information, fresh and comprehensive company data is everything. With constantly changing information and regular new data requests from clients, however, finding this data the old-fashioned way just isn’t good enough. That’s why we use the place where almost every business actively pushes new information: its own website.

Domains around the globe

We collect over 200 variables from more than 280 domains around the globe. This way we can tell you all about a website’s business information, what industry it is in, eCommerce characteristics, technical aspects and much more. You can leverage this information to keep your own database up-to-date and enrich your data with our additional information. We can even help you find relations between businesses that you weren’t yet aware of, with our Ownership tool.

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Detailed business information

For a first understanding of a company’s focus, we offer information through its SIC or industry code. Here we don’t use the code provided by the government, but let our algorithm determine one based on the website’s content. With a new indexation each month, this means our SIC codes are always up-to-date.

You are, of course, not limited to finding a business this way. Use our search index to look for any keyword you need, similar to how Google works. Then narrow down any results you’ve found with our filters, to make an even more targeted selection of businesses. This way you always get the information most relevant to you.

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Current Business Information

When a business moves, its website is the first thing it will update. That’s why we use it as our main source. With a new indexation each month, we make sure that you always get the latest business information and we show you when something has changed.

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Economic footprint

Based on all information we collect, we’ve created a score that we call Economic Footprint. This footprint is a proprietary rank, and gives you an indication of the economic impact of each website in our database. It takes into account the website itself (how well is it built, whether it has an SSL certificate and more) and looks for outgoing and incoming links to and from other websites.

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We re-visit each website in our database every month and track what has changed. Based on these visits, we’ve created our Heartbeat score. With Heartbeat, we provide a unique insight into the health of a website. Once a website’s Heartbeat is low, it is not being updated on a regular basis and may no longer be used. A high Heartbeat, on the other hand, shows that a website is regularly being maintained and may be an indication of a growing company.

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