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Expand your market intelligence with business web data

If you want to know what a business is doing today, you'll check its website for the most recent information: address, contact details, products and services. A company website also contains important links and connections to other websites which provides you with additional information about the ecosystem in which the company operates. Our structured search engine contains web data indexed - and updated on a monthly basis - from 700 million domains, including 25 million company websites. Some of the biggest business information providers, among which Creditsafe and Dun & Bradstreet, are using our data to power their insights and analysis.

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Business Information

Understand businesses with structured company web data

SIC codes, one of our 200 data points

Explore business web data ready for immediate use

Search for very specific data with more than 200 data points - distilled from millions of websites - such as web technologies, payment methods, SIC codes, brick and mortar stores, e-commerce, languages and more. Explore global trends: fastest growing industries across countries, growth of e-commerce, internet usage demographics, comparison of businesses by popularity and more. Track how often company websites change, which web technologies they’re using and how they’re evolving.

Enrich your dataset with our data

Enrich any list, at any time

Expand the information you already have and make it complete using a comprehensive dataset of over 100 B2B data points. Upload a list of your company domains or email addresses and automatically enrich them, without having to write any code. Connect the dots: start from an email address and discover the hostname, domain, business contact details and much more. The depth of insight allows you to create robust profiles of your contacts and link a company name to a website or the other way around.

Traffic index

Get daily insights into the popularity of websites and online services

Our Proprietary Traffic Index provides you with unique insights into the monthly traffic estimate of websites and web services as well as into daily traffic changes. Insights provided by web traffic analytics tools are far from precise: the plain truth is that nobody really knows the exact traffic to a website. Our Traffic Index uses anonymized connection data provided by global operators, so you can track the growth and decline of a particular hostname.

Heartbeat, one of our unique Proprietary Scores

Use a scoring system that gives you unique insights into websites

Our unique Proprietary Scores make it easier for you to find companies that matter and track company performance over time. Track the growth of a website at a company level with our Heartbeat score. Find fraudulent websites with our Trust grade. Discover how well a website handles privacy-sensitive information, whether this information is stored or transmitted in a secure way and if there are any system backdoors, with our Security score. Delve into the cloud savviness of a website with our Cloud score.


  • Search Engine

    Filter the web by over 200 data points such as website category, company size, SIC code and more

    • Measure and track historical web trends in 50 countries
    • Instantly access graphs and statistical reports
    • Export raw data for your own custom analyses
  • Enrichment

    Start from a hostname and discover all relevant company details

    • Match your data with the data in our database
    • Enrich your list of hostnames also with historical data
    • Export the data to a CSV file
  • Traffic Index

    Track the growth and decline of websites and services

    • Rely on a benchmarked estimation relative to the most popular website
    • Monitor the popularity of hostnames and web services
    • Explore all relevant discovered subdomains

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Market intelligence

Using structured data for better prospecting, conversion and growth

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