There are now more than 1.000 TLD's

The number of top-level domains has been on the rise for years. Especially with the introduction of new gTLDs, there’s been a revolution in the industry.

New gTLD

Our database currently holds over 125 variables for more than 280 million domains. It is a powerful tool that can help you grow the base of names under your TLD. You can choose geo-location to focus your efforts and provide brand awareness of your TLD in a certain location. Or use our keywords search, that allows you to search for companies in verticals and build a targeted list for your own outreach efforts or to provide channel partners with powerful opportunities. For example: find bicycle stores in a specific location to promote .bike, or look for websites that sell organic and natural products to push your .organic TLD. Use our identifiers such as SEO score, technical evaluation score and domain name length to make an even more targeted selection. In addition to relevant business information, our data provides you with the latest insights into the market. See which TLDs are currently popular, how domains are being used and much more. If you choose to use our Private Crawl, we can even provide you with in-depth information on your current clients and their usage of domains. With our monthly re-indexation of all domains, it is possible to see trends over a longer period of time. You can use this data for your internal benchmarking, and share your insights with partners. Let them know how they can best grow their business, show them the possibilities and strengthen your engagement with them at the same time. This will also allow you to design customized marketing campaigns for your partners, perform A/B testing and even predict renewal rates.

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Country Code TLD

Whether you want to grow your TLD or just stay up-to-date on the market, we have the data to offer you intelligence and help you become more strategic. With our data, you can identify websites in your country not currently using your TLD, and further filter by registrar to perhaps run a cross-sell program with your partners. See how end-users use your TLD, and explore opportunities with your channel partners to increase engagement and improve renewal rates. You can even use the data to grow your partner base, by better understanding their business and providing them with actionable data that will help them strengthen their business through offering your TLD. Need an in-depth understanding of the usage of your TLD? That’s when we offer Private Crawl. You provide us with the domains, and we provide you with a report on usage for every domain name uploaded. Understand the usage of your ccTLD better and explore opportunities to grow new markets and create new products. Improve renewal rates by identifying those names registered with no content, or names with parked or placeholder status. In addition, benefit your channel partners with actionable intelligence that will help them perform more targeted campaigns to grow their top-line revenue. With our data, you can provide insightful data on web presence in your country that you can further leverage for other business development opportunities outside of the domain name space.

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Sponsor program for upcoming countries

Are you a ccTLD with less than 50.000 domains looking to gain more insights? We now offer you the opportunity to scan all your domains once a year at no charge. Please contact us for more information.

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