• Sell your premium domains

    Search in our Public Database of 250M websites

  • Partner with a Registrar

    Create lists of websites that could benefit from your TLD.

  • Reduce Renewal risk

    Monitor which domains are parked Try to activate them - with help from the registrar - before they will cancel.

  • Benchmark with other TLD's

    This can help you understand how your TLD is performing.

Dataprovider.com for Registries helps you grow your zone and monitor its health.

  • Find websites
  • See how your Registrars are performing
  • Monitor your zone
variables to search and filter on
million domains around the world
countries included in our database


  • Structured Search

    Dataprovider gives you access to a fast structured search index with more than 280 million (uncensored) websites.

  • Domain Name Notification

    Set an alert and receive daily emails when domain names including your brand names get registered.

  • Custom Zone File Fields

    Append up to ten custom fields to your zone file and make them available as a filter in Dataprovider for more insights.

  • Over 200 Variables

    For every website Dataprovider has over 200 variables going from business, marketing up to hosting information.

  • Active Monitoring

    Set an alert and receive emails when new counterfeit websites selling your brand are detected or are taken down.

  • Ownership

    Identify all the websites of the same owner. Discover their contact details and take down the whole network.

  • Historical Data

    Access to more than 5 years of data making it the biggest, most complete structured search engine in the world.

  • TLD Suggestions

    Get access to all the domains and registrars that (based upon their content) should use your TLD instead!

  • Contact Details

    Next to WhoIs Dataprovider also has the contact details indexed from each website offering a WhoIs alternative.

  • CSV Export

    Create easy to use data-sets in CSV format making it easy to integrate our data into other platforms

  • Analyze Registrars

    Easily select all registrars in your zone file and analyze how active they are and how their base is doing

  • Registry PDF Report

    Let Dataprovider generate an extensive PDF report for your board with all the information a registry should know.

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