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We structure the web to create valuable insights

Use structured internet data to gain valuable insights and elevate your performance.

  • Know Your Customer
  • For any field of business
  • European security standards
  • Personal support
  • Custom endpoints
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Learn and (execute) with near real-time customer insights
  • Automate your customer and prospect marketing or risk efforts.
  • Discover business opportunities and execute on insights in real-time.
  • Analyze trends and developments.
Search & structure
Build custom datasets for next-level results
  • Get structured access to the indexed world wide web
  • Apply over 200 unique filters in any combination, with over 10,000 different values
  • Upload and enhance your data and create and export custom datasets
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We power any data-minded team

Enhance your marketing

Deepen your market insights, predict your customers’ needs and tailor your communication.

Analyst/Data science
Upgrade your analysis

Build your own datasets, define your goals, create unique insights or trading strategies.

Brand protection/Legal
Outsmart frauds

Find every digital infringement. Use our suite or integrate in your technology stack to track possible legal issues in your supply chain.

Fuel for your plans

Use the API to add data intelligence to your go-to applications.

Rely on European privacy standards

All custom results are yours alone

We keep your data on firewall-protected servers, only accessible with your IP address.

All data is proprietary

Using an advanced proprietary software, we gather virtually all of our data ourselves right from websites.

Fully GDPR compliant

Our privacy strategy, policy and procedures are compliant with European GDPR law, the world’s strictest of privacy standards.


We’re here to ensure the best results for you

Count on our dedicated professionals to make the most of your data strategy.

Account management

Your dedicated account manager is available to take your questions every workday.


Struggling with a tough challenge? Borrow the brains of our data specialists, or even those of our founders!

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