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Have I Been Pwned

Have I Been Pwned

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About Cyber security

Dataprovider is a structured search engine. Every month we index over 275 million domains and summarize our findings in more than 200 variables ranging from CMS, DNS and SSL data to HTTP Headers and open ports for each domain. Next to great insight in the adoption of technology and company information this also reveals good insights for cybersecurity.

About this recipe

Have I Been Pwned (HIBP) is a free data breach search and notification service. The service has been used by tens of millions of people to search through billions of breached records and supports tens of thousands of visitors a day.

HIBP aggregates data that's been exposed publicly and enables individuals and organisations to assess their exposure. Searches only require an email address and provide immediate feedback. The notification service monitors for ongoing exposure and emails an address owner if it subsequently turns up in a data breach.

HIBP also supports free domain searches for organisations to assess the total exposure of addresses on corporate domains. As with email addresses, domain searches can be performed on the spot and notifications sent if future exposure is detected.

Use cases

  • Track the number of installments
  • Create a lead list with websites

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