April Fools' Day: Ten quirky websites to explore for a dose of fun
  • 4 months ago
  • 3 min read

Happy April Fool's Day! This year we’ll celebrate by exploring a few entertaining corners of the web, basically websites that might seem like an April Fool’s prank but aren’t. We've compiled a list that hopefully brings a smile to your face, perhaps inspiring a creative project or at least a renewal of your passwords.

Many of us operate in a very small digital world, only accessing a few websites or apps on a regular basis. But the web is vast and with millions of websites there is much to explore. To give you the chance to break out of your usual digital bubble, we compiled this list of ten websites that are wonderfully unique.

1. Pointer pointer 

You know the feeling when you can’t see your cursor on the screen and you start frantically moving your mouse into all directions but still can’t see it? Here’s where can help. Keeping your cursor still, a random human will point to its location on the screen. 

2. Mindfulness exercise

Sometimes, you need to slow down, take a deep breath and focus on the small things in life. Sit back and relax as you enjoy the serenity of watching grass grow in real-time. In existence since 2005, this website claims to be the most boring in the world.

3. For the 90s fans

Ling's Cars is a UK-based car leasing website featuring unique animations and an engaging user experience that is reminiscent of the good old days of the web.

Screenshot of a colorfully designed homepage that displays cars for lease. provides a uniquely colorful user experience.
4. Password finder

The Passive Aggressive Password Machine helps you come up with a new, creative password. It will give you the prompt that might just trigger you to come up with a memorable, unique and hopefully secure password.

5. The man of your dreams

This Man explores the phenomenon of thousands of people around the world claiming to have seen the same unknown man in their dreams. Have you?

6.  Let the fish in

Help fish migrate upstream by ringing the fish doorbell. In the centre of the Dutch city of Utrecht there is a boat lock that prevents fish from reaching their destination. You can help by ringing the doorbell every time you see a fish appear on camera, someone will then open the lock to let fish pass through.

7. Is it appropriate to drink a beer right now?

It’s 3:35 pm in the afternoon and you have accomplished all of your daily tasks. You wonder if it’s ok to open a beer at this time of the day, after all it might be a bit early for happy hour. Luckily, there is a website that will tell you exactly when it’s ok and when it’s not ok to pour a pint. Even with rudimentary German language skills, we’re sure you’ll get the message.

A screenshot of showing a picture of the livestream, the bell and text.
Ring the bell at when you see a fish appear in the livestream.
8. Patience is a virtue

A simple website that tests your patience by challenging you to wait until it loads. Or, to trick your coworkers into thinking you can’t work because you are waiting for that important website or program to load.

9. How much toilet paper?

If the pandemic has taught us anything it is that toilet paper is an important commodity that might quickly become unavailable in times of crisis. In order to know exactly how long your current stash will last or how much you need to buy to be covered for next four weeks use this practical online calculator.

10. Expand your dating pool

Are you bored of conventional dating apps? Zombie Passions lets you connect with the undead. Who knows, you might just find your perfect zombie match!

We hope you enjoyed browsing through these quirky websites. Perhaps you might now have an idea for your own quirky website or April Fool’s prank. Also, remember to get out of your digital comfort zone every now and then and explore some of the lesser known corners of the web. It’s easy to think the web only consists of the bubble you are operating in but it’s much bigger. Reward yourself every now and then by expanding your (digital) horizon.

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