Do most companies mention their social media profiles on their website?

Christian Branbergen
  • over 2 years ago
  • 1 min read

Social media platforms help companies connect with their customers. But they also increase brand awareness, and can boost leads and sales. But can you assume that all companies with a website would also use social media to profit from that?


"I'm Chris and I’m one of the co-founders of is a structured search engine that indexes all websites on the internet every month. With our search engine you can see what happens on the internet.

In this 'Fact Checking With Chris' we’re going to check if the following statement is true: most companies mention their social media profiles on their website.

Social media platforms can help companies to connect with their customers, increase brand awareness and boost leads and sales. So, you would say that all companies that have a website also would use social media.

In we can select websites that are from companies, using the 'Website type' field. In January 2022, there were around 32 million domains with websites from companies. 40% of the company websites had one or more social media profiles on their website.

An interesting additional fact that we discovered in the trend graph is that the number of companies mentioning their Twitter profile is declining and Instagram profiles are growing.

So, the conclusion of this 'Fact Checking With Chris' is: no, most companies don't mention their social media profiles on their website but 40% is still a large number."

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