Country code top-level domain registries

Understand your customers and the latest TLD trends in your country

Track and analyze TLD trends over time to make better forecasts and decisions. Monitor the health of your zone files, so you’re always in the know who is in your user base, what has changed and why. Gain unique structured insights and share them with your channel partners, so they can answer their most pressing questions, understand their end users, find new growth opportunities, increase their renewal rates and upsell the right products and services at the right time.

TLD trends
Discover what’s happening on the web in your country

Make better decisions

ccTLD SSL issuer

Understand who’s using your ccTLD

Get a better understanding of who your customers are and how they’re using the domain names along with SSL certificates, website builders, sales solutions and other tools. Understand why they’ve chosen you over another TLD or why they have left after the first year. Make better forecasts for your monthly and yearly goals. Monitor incremental new registrations and track their activity to determine the success of your campaigns.

Market share

Grow your market share

Monitor how the latest TLD trends in your country impact your ccTLD locally and globally, so you can make well-informed decisions on how to grow your registrations and to increase the average lifespan of new and existing ones. Explore fresh actionable insights from more than 6 million unique domains across the world and identify growth opportunities as they occur. Benchmark against all other TLDs, including .com.


  • Know Your Customer

    Upload all your domain name assets and place them on the Monitor to oversee any activity

    • Import your data from a CSV file and add a unique ID
    • Analyze trends and scores over time
    • Export PDF reports to understand your end users
  • Search Engine

    Filter the web by over 200 data points such as registrar, hosting company, TLD type and more

    • Measure and track web trends in your country
    • Analyze the data with automatically generated graphs and statistical reports
    • Export CSV reports
  • Monitoring

    Track any changes within your zone files right as they happen

    • Stay up to date with the information you need the most
    • Monitor incremental new registrations
    • Receive notifications in your tool of choice

Start today and track the health and growth of your zone files