What to do with NFT (Web3) domains?

Gijs Barends
  • 3 months ago
  • 1 min read

NFT domains like .ETH are domains that live in the blockchain. They are neither part of ICANN nor of the domain name system or DNS. Google and Bing don’t index these and the most used browsers don’t support them, although there are workarounds like using an extension.

We at currently don't support it either.

At the moment, the main use for NFT domains is for crypto wallets. Instead of some hard to remember line of code, it’s easier to remember a word, like ‘mycoolwallet.eth.’ However, these domains are also being used for websites. 

Although this is quite a niche thing right now, what happens if Google's Search Engine and Google Chrome started supporting it?
Unique websites that mention the word "Web3" over the past year.

In our data we see that the use of the word ”Web3” on websites is steadily growing.

Is this another signal for ICANN to be concerned about when they’re going to meet from June 13th - June 16th at the ICANN74 Policy Forum in The Hague?