The problem with Russian Yandex trackers on European and American websites

Gijs Barends
  • 10 months ago
  • 1 min read

Yandex is the Google of Russia. They also have a Google analytics alternative that can help you understand how many visitors come to your website.

While it’s good to have an alternative to Google Analytics, we think websites should remove the Yandex trackers.

  1. Yandex also has a news outlet. The former news director said earlier this year: "Today, Yandex is a key element in hiding information about the war.
  2. By installing Yandex trackers on your website, you give all your data to Yandex. Can you be sure that Yandex won’t share this data with the Russian government?
Here’s a heat map of the distribution of websites using Yandex trackers.

Our data shows 42,000 websites using Yandex trackers outside Russia.

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