After movie Startup Weekend Groningen 2022

Maaike van der Post
  • 3 months ago

Last weekend we participated in Techstars Startup Weekend Groningen and, as always, it was awesome! 

Having an entrepreneurial mindset, learning new skills and expanding your network is essential for both running a company as well as working in one. And that’s what Startup Weekend teaches you in just 54 hours.

We’re happy to sponsor this event and proud that our colleagues Willemijn, Andreea, Jay, Vlad and Christine participated and turned great ideas into startups. One of our co-founders, Christian, coached the teams, Ranan co-organized and Maaike facilitated the event.

We’re looking forward to the next edition in November!

Joost Nuijten (Innuendo Fotografie), thank you for letting us use some of your photos for the making of this video.