About integrating with Amazon S3

Get the most of your data by ensuring it’s stored safely and is available whenever you need it.


Key benefits of Amazon S3

Export a large amount of data to Amazon S3

Create bespoke datasets with our extended filters and export large files with data to your Amazon S3 bucket with just a few clicks.

Store large exports in the Amazon S3 bucket

Create custom datasets to get very specific information and store and retrieve the data with ease in Amazon S3.

How to integrate

  1. Make sure you have an Admin account in Amazon S3.
  2. Go to ‘Integrations’ in Dataprovider.com.
  3. Select ‘Amazon S3’.
  4. Click the ‘Instructions’ tab.
  5. Provide your Amazon S3 key, secret and bucket name.
  6. Click ‘Connect’.
  7. You’re all set.

Now you can:

  • Export large files to Amazon S3.
  • Push the data to other platforms.

Start today

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