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Our structured data helps you find business opportunities, understand your customers and gain valuable market insights.

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Search & structure

Build custom datasets for any project

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Use our engine to search the structured web

Identify website locations per country, region or city level, detect online stores, learn what payment methods and technologies they use, discover popularity estimates and much more.

Analyze data using scores and visualizations

Apply thousands of filters combinations to analyze a website’s economic impact, security, cloud savviness and growth. Put data in perspective with visualizations in clean graphs and tables.

Build and export custom datasets

Apply our filters in any combination, order the results to construct datasets and export the data in multiple formats and to the platforms you already use with our API and integrations.

Relevant use case


Using structured data to measure the internet economy with Google and Statistics Netherlands

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Know your customer

Get to know your customers like you never knew them before

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Enhance datasets and enrich your customer insights

Upload and refine your data with missing information and new fields. Learn what your (potential) customers are up to - and how you can help them.

Let us enrich your own database in near real-time

Get updates on companies and domains of your interest. From new contact details to security updates. These insights help you identify, analyze and prepare actions.

Analyze trends

We’ve been indexing the web since 2012. Our monthly updates generate detailed historical data, enabling you to explore how companies, websites, technology usage and implementation and entire markets change over time.

Audit everything, any time

Auditing domains and websites run by customers, prospects or M&A targets? Our crawlers provide you with up-to-date information about everything you need to know.


Seamlessly connect to your favorite tools and platforms

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Plug in and get immediate access to our structured data: add or enrich leads and receive automated updates when something changes on your customers’ websites.

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Get one-click access to the data you need (including history) for in-depth analyses. Automatically keep the data in your system fresh.

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Sync all your data in one place and generate detailed analyses and reports triggered by automated updates.

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Power your marketing campaigns with actionable insights: stay up to date with the latest changes on your customers’ websites and use these signals for your campaign playbook.

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Refine your records with structured company web data, automatically export them to Salesforce and keep them fresh.

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1Bdata combinations
490Mdomains and counting
10,000values per data point
225data points

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