Enrich your data with data from company websites

Start from a small piece of data and expand it with relevant context from more than 200 data points

Expand your data with enrichment


Enrich your data with data from company websites

Retrieve websites

Complete your list of business registry numbers, addresses, phone numbers or email addresses with the corresponding company websites even if they aren’t active anymore. Governments and policy makers use our Enrichment to append business registry data with website data; domain registrars to discover relevant websites, so they can target the respective businesses with more relevant offers; and payment providers to find newly registered e-commerce websites.

Expand your information on your customers
Data points

Enrich any list, at any time

Start from a company name to discover the website, linked domains and technical aspects. Expand the pieces of information you already have and make them complete using more than 200 data points such as web technologies, payment methods, SIC codes, brick and mortar stores, e-commerce and many more. Use this information to examine the digital footprint of a company or to check if the online presence of your (potential) customers raises any red flags.

Complement your analytics
Business data

Complement your analytics

Upload a list of your company domains or email addresses and automatically enrich them, without having to write any code. Connect the dots: start from an email address and discover the hostname, domain, business contact details and much more. The depth of insight allows you to create robust profiles of your contacts and link a company name to a website or the other way around.

More features

  • Match data

    Match your data with the data in our database.

  • Enrich

    Enrich your list with historical web data (four years of monthly history).

  • Export

    Export the data to a CSV file.

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