Know Your Customer

Having detailed knowledge of your clients helps manage risks and find upsell opportunities. Customer Due Diligence policies have been expanding and have become vital for many companies, not only those in the financial sector.

Manage risk

Audit domains and websites that belong to your customers to quickly detect changes or instances of negligence. Wether it concerns businesses going in a different direction – changing industries or moving their offices, for example –, sudden drops in traffic, or a lack of (security) updates to domains, always having the latest accurate data available helps identify, analyze, and prepare responses to risk factors.

Upsell services

Database enrichment offers ample opportunities for expanding and improving your (online) business. Identify in which direction your customers are headed and offer them the products and services they need to succeed. For example: sell SSL certificates to online stores and privacy-sensitive websites or offer SEO and SEA services to badly optimized websites, among other things.

Enrichment gives you:

Real-time data

Aided by the largest historical database of online public data – going back up to 3 years – and the capacity to do a real-time lookup of a website or domain name, the directory is the best foundation to build your database enrichment on. You can enrich your database as many times as you want to ensure it is always up-to-date.

Sheet dataset

200+ variables

Provide an e-mail address and find social media profiles, phone numbers, addresses, business details, and more. Start from a company website to discover linked domains, contact information, technical aspects, host properties, and marketing information, among others.

Lots of variables

Score your customers

Having more data available makes a thorough analysis easier. If your customer has a website, our proprietary data scores can indicate the reliability of your clients regarding, for example, their economic impact, online security or trustworthiness.



Export your dataset as a CSV file to integrate it into your own platforms and systems. And because the order is given by you, the results are yours alone. By contractual obligation, nobody will have access to the enriched data index generated for you.

Secure upload file

Enriching your data in 3 steps:

  • Import data
  • Matching
  • Export file
Filter combinations
Domains worldwide
Active countries
Companies structured

Want to integrate our data into your technology stack?

We offer access to our RESTful API. Contact us for more information.

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  • Filters

    Structured search gives you access to a unique and uncensored search index that contains over 450 million websites.

  • Pointer


    The dashboards are designed to make all data readily available. Automatically generated graphs ensure exploring the data points that make up the business profile is easy.

  • Custom

    Over 200 variables

    With over 200 unique variables available, the enrichment chain can start anywhere and go everywhere.

  • Contacts

    Contact details

    As the largest index of websites’ contact information, offers the only alternative to WHOIS data.

  • History

    Historical data

    Access to more than 3 years of data makes the largest structured search engine in the world.

  • API

    API access

    Want to integrate our data? We offer access to our RESTful API. Contact us for more information.

  • Export

    CSV export

    Create easy to use data sets with the CSV format to integrate our data into other platforms.

  • Scores

    Data scores

    Proprietary data scores make analyzing your data a breeze. Discover a website’s Economic Footprint, Security Score, Heartbeat, and Trust Grade, among others.

  • Discover trends

    Discover trends

    By routinely enriching your database and running private crawls you can see which fields have changed and what the changes are, allowing you to act on this intelligence promptly.

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