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Millions of domains are registered and traded each year. Ownership that is constantly changing, can make it difficult to figure out who holds the right to a website. So what if you need to determine the current owner? Or how can you find out whether certain businesses are connected?

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Now that WHOIS information is no longer fully accessible, it can become increasingly difficult to find a website’s owner. That is why we have created Ownership. The tool is easy to use: just enter a website and trace any domain back to its roots.

We offer information on:

  • Analytics ID
  • Websites hosted on the same server
  • Tax numbers found on the website
  • Websites hosted on the same IP address

Use Ownership when you want to protect your intellectual property, or are just interested in a business’ portfolio.

We index over 280 domains in 50 countries all around the world. For each of these domains we collect business information, technical aspects, hosting properties and more. That is how we can trace any domain back to its roots, and now so can you.

Our Ownership tool is easy to use. Enter a website and find affiliated domains, or see unique attributes such as name server or analytics ID. Need the data you’ve found for further analysis? Just save your dataset and export it to Excel for later use.

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