This is Ownership:

Match on multiple variables.

Matching entities include business contact information, social media profiles, IP addresses, forwarding domains, analytics IDs, among many other data points.

Match on multiple variables

The only alternative to WHOIS.

Competitors use WHOIS data to find information about domain ownership. The directory offers countless data points that help you trace a website to its source without using WHOIS information.

Comparison between and WHOIS

Access lasting historical data

Use historical data to also track changes to domains. It’s up to you to decide if you want your search to include historical data or not.

Historical data

Share your work and results.

Export your dataset as a PDF report to share it with your colleagues or as a CSV file to continue working on it in different ways. Ownership allows you to share your data in a report that explains the data variables and contains all visualizations and graphs.

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You can try our product for free with any version of Maltego, including the free Maltego Community Edition (CE). Go here to register for a free account and test-drive the product. Please mind that Maltego CE has some limitations compared to the commercial version.

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Monthly Pricing
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5000 Transforms 1000

Upfront payment for a whole year gives you a one-time discounted month on your invoice. For enterprise usage, please reach out to us through the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Tracing domain ownership made easy:

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  • Various matching methods

    Various matching methods

    You decide whether you want to match on technical statistics, WHOIS data, content, real-world information, or a combination of those.

  • Filter subdomains

    Filter subdomains

    Filter subdomains to abridge the results; find more relevant links and uncover the network of counterfeit websites even faster.

  • Stats

    Detailed statistics

    Companies are linked to an exhaustive index of data attributes that is kept up to date at all times, giving detailed information about their products and how much they are used.

  • Maltego

    Maltego support

    Graphs supported by Maltego visualize the links between data points, supporting your thinking process and analysis.

  • Pointer


    The dashboards are designed to make all data readily available. Automatically generated graphs ensure exploring the data points that make up the business profile is easy.

  • Contacts

    Contact details

    As the largest index of websites’ contact information, offers the only alternative to WHOIS data.

  • History

    Historical data

    Access to more than 3 years of data makes the largest structured search engine in the world.

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