Identify ownership of domains and websites

With WHOIS data becoming less accessible, the need for a GDPR-compliant tool to determine domain ownership is higher than ever

Identify ownership of websites


Retrieve websites from the same owner
API endpoint

Retrieve domains and websites owned by the same registrar or company

Analyze and determine ownership based on multiple unique attributes such as contact information, Google Analytics ID, business registry number, ZIP code, IP address, website content and DNS records. Find all unique matching fields and how close the matches are to ascertain ownership. Use historical web data to track changes in the past, for example, if an address has remained the same or changed multiple times. That way, you can trace a domain back to its roots, uncover hidden connections between domains and identify unique characteristics shared between websites.

Protect your brand from scammers
Brand protection

Discover online infringement in a structured way

Protect your trademark from infringing domain names and fake websites. Brand infringers often use multiple domains or websites for their fraudulent activities, such as selling counterfeit products or setting up scam websites to steal personal data. Ownership gives you the power to detect associated domains to prove a pattern of infringing behavior Also, you can identify changes to websites and use them as evidence in dispute resolutions.

Manage your domain portfolio

Successfully manage your domain portfolio

Use Ownership to manage and monitor domain registrations, protect your domains and identify intangible assets and their owners. Discover if websites fill in the same information as the domains in your portfolio and whether the information on your domains is used with malicious intent. Explore the digital footprint of a business: identify associated websites and shared ownership as well as potential client’s digital assets. Get a comprehensive overview of the domains under your management, so you can put the right domain name policy and strategy in place.

Map the ownership of associated websites
Business intelligence

Find associated websites

Ownership is built on combining domain data and website content which guarantees a high accuracy of the match. Use it in combination with our SIC code data point to map different industries based on their internet presence and economic activity online: for example, are particular companies and markets expanding or falling off? Monitor trends and find patterns in the data to identify risks and opportunities for your predictive analytics and equity research.

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