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Explore daily updated SSL data
Daily updated SSL data

Monitor trends on the expansion of SSL certificates

We created our SSL Certificate product to provide actionable data insights into software vendors, web hosting companies and SSL certificate resellers. As the SSL is updated daily, it includes all the latest public SSL certificates that were issued on that day by specific Certificate Authorities. That way, you can make more effective forecasts using the most recent information on newly registered SSL certificates and relevant data about web technologies and services that they contain.

Dive into the security of your customers
Asset discovery

Look into a company’s background

Find and analyze installments of web technologies on clouds. For example, search for all hostnames that contain ‘’ to find all MongoDB clients running on Azure. Dive into the data to get additional information about the company: what types of certificates are the machines using and how are they changing historically? Use these actionable insights as a market share metric to estimate the monthly and annual growth of cloud services.

Discover all machines connected to an SSL certificate
Data points

Discover the undiscovered web

Take a glimpse behind the firewall and discover all machines connected to an SSL certificate: servers on a network, laptops, mobile phones messaging each other and more. Filter the data by more than 40 data points such as domains, subdomains, top-level domains and hostnames of the server name protected by the certificate, type and version of the SSL certificate, date on which the certificate was validated and when it’s going to expire, and much more.

Trace the ownership of a domain

Be one step ahead of your competitors

Use our SSL Certificate to trace the owner of a domain or discover all certificates issued by a particular Certificate Authority. An SSL certificate can secure multiple domains and subdomains while multiple domains of the same owner might have the same SSL certificate. The product allows you to explore and dive deeper into this type of data: what’s the type of SSL certificate, is it registered but not activated, who’s the SSL certificate issuer organization, what’s the server name protected by the SSL certificate and more.

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Whether you need actionable web data insights for day-to-day projects or for long-term strategies, the answer to your question lies in our structured web data.