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About Citrix

Citrix Systems, Inc. is an American company that was founded in Richardson, Texas in 1989 by Ed Iacobucci. It began by developing remote access products for Microsoft operating systems, licensing source code from Microsoft, and has been in partnership with the company throughout its history. By the 1990s, Citrix came to prominence as an industry leader in thin client technology, enabling purpose-built devices to access remote servers and resources. Citrix provides server, application and desktop virtualization, networking, software as a service (SaaS), and cloud computing technologies.

About this recipe

Citrix provides technology allowing remote access type functionality to applications and computer desktops. Domains in this dataset contain the domain verification string from Citrix. Domain verification is a step towards ensuring that only verified owners can connect their domain to Citrix.

Use cases

  • Track the number of installments
  • Create a lead list with websites
  • Create a data set for marketing research

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