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Cogent Colocation

Cogent Colocation

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About Cogent Communications

Cogent Communications is a multinational internet service provider based in the United States. Cogent's primary services consist of Internet access and data transport, offered on a fiber optic, IP data-only network, along with colocation in data centers. Cogent was founded in 1999 at the peak of the industry's growth and was funded by angel investors including members of Keiretsu Forum. In three years, Cogent acquired 13 other failing carriers, purchasing $14 billion in capital for $60 million, including $4 billion worth of Property, Plant and Equipment.

About this recipe

Cogent is an internet service providers, delivering internet, ethernet and colocation services. Cogent owns and operates 34 data centers in North America, offering secure, flexible and scalable colocation and connectivity solutions.

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  • Create a lead list with websites
  • Create a data set for marketing research

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