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About Automattic

Automattic Inc. is an American global distributed company which was founded in August 2005 and is most notable for (a freemium blogging service), as well as its contributions to WordPress (an open source blogging software). The company's name is a play on founder Matt Mullenweg's first name. Automattic raised US$846 million in six funding rounds. The last round of US$288 million was closed in February 2021. A subsequent private stock buyback valued the company at US$7.5 billion. The company had 1,930 employees as of March 2022. Its remote working culture was the topic of a participative journalism project by Scott Berkun, resulting in the 2013 book The Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work.

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Founded in 2010 and acquired by Automattic in 2016, Pressable is a world-class managed WordPress hosting provider built on the same lightning-fast, global data network as and WordPress VIP. Pressable is a managed WordPress hosting provider that specializes in offering reliable, high-performance, and secure hosting solutions for WordPress users of all sizes, from individual bloggers to businesses and large organizations. Founded in 2010, Pressable has gained recognition for its commitment to delivering an exceptional hosting experience tailored specifically to the needs of WordPress websites.

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