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About Sohu

Sohu was founded as Internet Technologies China (ITC) in 1996 by Charles Zhang after he completed his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and received venture capital funding from colleagues he met there. The following year, Zhang changed the name of ITC to Sohoo in homage to Yahoo! after meeting its cofounder, Jerry Yang; the name was soon after changed to Sohu to differentiate it from the American company. Sohu has been listed on NASDAQ since 2000 through a variable interest entity (VIE) based in Delaware.

About this recipe

Sogou, is a Chinese technology company that offers a search engine. It is a subsidiary of Tencent and Sohu. The offices of Sogou are located on the southeast corner of Tsinghua University in Beijing. Sogou (whose name literally translates as “searching dog”) is a Chinese search engine that was launched in 2004, and is currently the third-largest search engine in China.

Use cases

  • Create a lead list with websites
  • Create a data set for marketing research

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