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VK WorkMail

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About VK

VK, which was known as Group until 12 October 2021, is a Russian internet company. It was started in 1998 as an e-mail service and went on to become a major corporate figure in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet. As of 2013 according to comscore, websites owned by VK collectively had the largest audience in Russia and captured the most screen time. VK's sites reach approximately 86% of Russian Internet users on a monthly basis and the company is in the top 5 of largest Internet companies, based on the number of total pages viewed. VK controls and operates the 3 largest and most popular Russian social networking sites, VK, Odnoklassniki, and Moi Mir, respectively. Additionally, VK operates two instant messaging networks ( Agent and ICQ), an e-mail service and Internet portal, as well as a number of online games. In October 2021, Group was rebranded as VK, after its most popular property.

About this recipe

VK WorkMail mail hosting for companies, is part of the "VK WorkSpace" platform developed by VK. The service allows users to create corporate mail for free by deploying up to 5000 mailboxes of unlimited size on the company's domain. Mail can be used through the web interface. Each user can choose their own mailbox theme (the service offers more than a hundred options). Along with the mailbox, the user is given access to the Mail.Ru Calendar and the Mail.Ru Agent messenger, as well as the ability to use cloud space in the Mail.Ru Cloud.

Use cases

  • Track the number of installments
  • Create a lead list with websites
  • Create a data set for marketing research

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