Do most online stores have a physical store as well?

Christian Branbergen
  • about 2 years ago
  • 2 min read

Is there a shift from in-person to online shopping? Can we see this in the number of online shops that also have a physical location? Let's find out in this 'Fact Checking With Chris.'


“I'm Chris and I’m one of the co-founders of is a structured search engine that indexes all websites on the internet every month. With our search engine, you can see what happens on the internet.

In this 'Fact Checking With Chris' we’re going to check if the following statement is true: 'Most online stores have physical stores as well.'

For many years in a row, the number of online stores has been growing. And with the coronavirus pandemic, the growth of online stores was even faster than in the years before. Many people think that an online store is owned by a company that also has a physical store as well.

In, we’ve got a field called 'Brick and mortar'. The 'Brick and mortar' field indicates whether a website has a physical location. We use features such as address, opening hours, directions, and keywords like ‘visit us’, ‘in store’ to predict whether an online store has a physical location or not.

In the United States, we detected 1.5 million domains that were used for an online store. Out of these 1.5 million domains, only 8% of these online stores have a physical store.

So, the conclusion of this 'Fact Checking With Chris' is: no, most online stores do not have a physical store as well.”

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