Market intelligence

Using structured data to get thorough insights into the competition

Market intelligence

The challenge

A leading visitor tracking platform was facing steep European competition by a new competitor. They wanted to know which companies and industries were using the competitive platform and get an overview of the competitor's market share per country and region. This way, they aimed to investigate how the competitor had managed to conquer the market in only a few months.

The solution

We discovered the solution in our public search engine. We tracked the competitive technology over time, since its early beginnings. Data showed where the technology was used and by which companies and in combination with which other 3rd party solutions. The common denominator was an integration within a popular platform for inbound marketing and sales.

The result

A quick and thorough insight into the competitor’s rise.

Start today

Whether you need actionable web data insights for day-to-day projects or for long-term strategies, the answer to your question lies in our structured web data.